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Fleet Management Software

Uffizio’s premium product is Trakzee, an advanced fleet management system. It can help with vehicle tracking, driver monitoring, routing, fuel monitoring, tire management, and more. Trakzee is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use fleet management software out there. In fact, Trakzee is the answer to all your tracking needs.

It’s more than just your ordinary fleet management system. It’s Trakzee.

Investing in a fleet management solution can be scary. That’s why we are here to help you get started.

Why Choose Trakzee?

Because it simplifies fleet management for businesses of all types

Live-tracking Screen

Trakzee lets you seamlessly track multiple vehicles from any part of the world. With it, you get precise driver locations and can automate the creation of delivery/collection trips. Unlike other fleet management platforms, Trakzee lets you stream and playback trip events as they happen. Our live-tracking screen is resourceful and filled with accurate insights that are just waiting to be spun into higher profits.


Can you guess which fleet management software gives you quick-to-view analytics on the go? You’re right if you guessed Trakzee! Get insights customized just for your business type. Instead of spending hours studying detailed reports, look at Trakzee’s powerful dashboard and exactly know where you’re losing money.

Analytic Tools

Data means very little without the right tools to analyze it. That is why we can guarantee that you’re going to enjoy Trakzee’s analytical suite. It comprises useful reports, customizable visual charts, and summaries. Manage fleets like a pro with Trakzee’s fleet tracking and management tools.

Configurable Alerts

Alerts and reminders keep you updated with what’s happening on the road. Not only do they increase transparency, but also enhance driver safety. When a driver dozes off on the wheel, you get alerts. Braking too often? Overspeeding? Delayed delivery? We got these alerts and 100 more on our vehicle tracking system​​.

Route Optimisation

Quick routes from one place to another matter because they lead to fuel savings and higher productivity. Hence, we’ve spent many years trying to perfect our route optimization algorithm. So that you always get economical routes with our fleet monitoring software.

Fuel Monitoring

We’ve had users who didn’t realize how much extra they were paying for fuel until they started using our fuel management system. Fleets on the road are easy targets for fuel thefts. And careful monitoring is the only way to stop it. Trakzee allows fleet managers to access real-time fuel fill-drain data, so they know how fuel gets consumed. Now, isn’t this exactly what you’d want from your fleet management system?

Job Module

Planning everyday deliveries, assigning stoppages, and managing delays is no work for a fleet manager. Especially not when a fleet management platform is perfectly capable of doing it. Skip hours of manual planning and routing by switching to Trakzee.


Fleet management is less about fleets and more about where they’re going and where they should be. Managing addresses that matter to your business is no cakewalk. That’s why, Trakzee lets you create, edit, save, and categorize your addresses in a way that makes routing and dispatching easy.

Log-in page Customization

Under our white label branding service, users can customize the login page of Trakzee in a way that suits their brand. Insert your personal brand logo and get a customized URL. Take our Trakzee and change it into your personal fleet tracking and monitoring software.

A fleet management system that works just for you!

Want to know more about vehicle tracking, logistics management, and other software features? Talk to our sales representatives now!


Check out what you get with this fleet monitoring software

Fuel Management

Monitor your fuel usage and expenses

Read More


Paperless inspection reports.

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Tire Management

Optimize tire upkeep and maintenance

Read More

Maintenance Reminder

Stay updated with timely maintenance reminders

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Tire Pressure Monitoring

Keep an eye on your vehicle’s tire pressure

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On-board Diagnostics (OBD)

Self-diagnostic system for your vehicle

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Expense Management

Keep tabs on all your fleet expenditure

Read More

Temperature Monitoring

Automated temperature regulation of your cargo

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Practice fuel-efficient driving behaviors

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Video Telematics

Watch fleet operations in real-time

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Accurate driving insights.

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Route Optimization

Discover cost-efficient routes and maximize fleet utility

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Driver Performance Analysis

Monitor your driver’s performance

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Parking Safety

Get instantly notified when parked in a no-parking zone

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Fleet Immobilizing System

Prevent unauthorized persons from driving your vehicle

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Panic Button

Easy-to-use emergency alert feature

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Trakzee’s Fleet management mobile apps

For your convenience, Trakzee fleet management software is available as a Mobile Application on both Android and iOS platforms. Hassle-free fleet monitoring using your smartphones!

Supported GPS Tracker

Our fleet management system is compatible with over 1200+ GPS trackers and a variety of sensors. So, you can change your GPS trackers or hardware devices without having to change your fleet management platform!

Get started with our world-class fleet management software.

Savings and business growth are just a phone call away. Talk to a sales executive now!


Questions to ask before you invest

What is a fleet management system?

A fleet management system gives you access to real-time fleet insights. It records and reports data trends that affect your fleet business. Here is a list of things you can do with the help of a fleet management system:

  • Improve vehicle dispatch
  • Automate trip routing
  • Manage engine health
  • Monitor driver behaviors
  • Track fleet operational costs
  • Access ETAs 

Can your fleet management system support the size of my fleet?

Our fleet management software can handle anything from a group of 10 to 1000 vehicles. You can customize it depending on the size and type of your business. Besides, it’s easy to upgrade or downgrade in the future to keep up with your changing business needs. 

How will a fleet management system reduce my insurance premiums?

Fleet insurance providers offer lower premiums to fleets with no record of accidents. You too can be eligible for discounted insurance premiums by integrating driver monitoring systems. Dashcams and driver scorecards help you recognize risky drivers. You can also coach drivers in real-time to make sure they don’t drive recklessly. Save big on insurance premiums by preventing harsh driving.  

How can I use fleet management software to reduce my fuel costs?

A fleet management software enables the exchange of data between sensors in real-time. Integrated fuel-level sensors communicate with your fleet management platform to provide useful analytics like :

  • Fuel drain levels
  • Fuel refills
  • Vehicle mileages


With it, you can identify and prevent fuel thefts. Notice how often your drivers idle and coach them for better fuel efficiency.  

Can I integrate another software onto your fleet management platform?

Yes, there is room for third-party software integrations. We have an API to achieve the integration task.

How long does it take to set up your fleet management software?

In the case of white labeling, we take five working days to deliver our services. If you choose to go with our brand name, it takes less than a day to get started. 

Which GPS devices are compatible with your fleet management software?

Our fleet management software is hardware-independent. That being said, we’ve integrated over 1200+ hardware devices. Check them out here. If you don’t find your device listed, please contact us and we can find a way to integrate it using the protocol document.