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Advanced Electric Vehicle Management Software

Product Description

Elexee app is designed especially for OEMs and software distribution partners. It gives accurate insights into parameters that can improve battery life. Get a detailed understanding of the state of charge, voltage, battery temperature, and more.


Elexee – electric vehicle management software provides a wide range of functionalities which includes battery health management, battery fault detection, energy consumption, EV range tracking, Tire pressure monitoring, Monitoring driver behaviors, and many more.

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Why choose our Electric Fleet Management Software?

Better Routes. More Deliveries. Greater Profits.

Battery Management

Track parameters like battery temperature, its voltage, and SOC (State of Charge) and improve your electric fleet’s battery life.

EV Range Tracking

Knowing how far your fleets can go before they need charging is essential for electric mobility. And we do that right with the Elexee app.

Battery Temperature

Get detailed reports regarding EV battery temperature. Get insights into actionable numbers that help you understand ambient temperature affecting you battery

Electric Vehicle Management Software Key Features

Provide transportation with advanced tools to reduce workload and increase productivity.

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Questions to ask before you invest

How is Elexee going to help you?

Elexee is a web and mobile-based EV management software that will help you monitor your electric fleets certainly in a way that saves you time and money. It significantly addresses range anxiety by telling you how far your fleets can go before they need to be recharged.

How to get started with Elexee?

Certainly, you can get started by integrating your electric fleets on the Elexee app. Our platform specifically supports EVs of all makes and models. Moreover, connect anything from a heavy-duty electric truck to a lightweight e-scooter. Once that’s done, you’ll get access to all EV-related data and critical alerts. Additionally, Use this to optimize the performance of your EVs.

What exactly is an electric fleet?

Surely, an electric fleet has vehicles that are powered entirely or partially by electric batteries. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) can be explicitly included in EV fleets. Compared to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, electric cars are a more environmentally friendly choice.

What exactly is Fleet Electrification?

It refers to the conversion of fleet vehicles from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicles (EVs). Fleet electrification minimizes fuel emissions and reduces the impact of transportation on climate change.

How will fleet electrification help my business?

Businesses can reduce maintenance, operational, and fuel costs by electrifying their fleets. You will also be able to comply with many carbon footprint regulations. Going electric strengthens a company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, as well as its brand positioning and consumer loyalty.

What is a battery management system?

A battery management system surely helps you track all those metrics that affect battery life like the temperature, voltage, and charge status of batteries. Moreover, for instance, over-charging can damage your battery life more than anything. That’s why Elexee alerts you when your fleets are fully charged. Elexee also offers low battery level warnings so that your electric fleets never get stuck without power. Additionally, you can customize and define the threshold battery levels.

Why is the driver monitoring system so important for EVs?

The manner in which your EVs are driven determines their efficiency. basically, there is a 15% loss in the ideal EV range due to excessive speeding. Harsh braking, idling, and speeding can dramatically decrease your EV ranges. Hence, setting alerts and monitoring drivers is essential for EVs, probably even more than gas-powered cars.

How will Elexee help me reduce the total cost of ownership?

Certainly, using smart charging capabilities, Elexee enables you to manage and control all aspects of your EV fleet. From charging operations to driver behavior,  you can significantly maximize utilization and reduce energy costs.

Are electric fleets cheaper to maintain?

If you already manage a fleet, you are aware of how expensive fueling can be. It is the biggest expense of your operation. The upfront cost of purchasing an EV is generally much higher than that of a standard vehicle. However, you can save so much when it comes to operating and maintaining an electric fleet. The cost of charging an electric vehicle is typically substantially lower.

Why are electric fleets cheaper?

Because they have fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles require much less maintenance. Compared to typical petrol or diesel automobiles, electric fleets will need very little maintenance. As a result, operating an electric vehicle has a very low annual cost.