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Advanced Transport Monitoring Platform

Product Description

LogyTrak is state-of-the-art transport management software that helps you with routing, dispatching, and warehousing! It is an effective supply chain and consignment management system that can lower a company’s overall cost and boost profits. Hence, LogyTrak is the right choice.


LogyTrak has a wide range of functionalities to simplify logistics management. It gives access to crucial vehicle analytics, vehicle status, fuel consumption details, temperature alerts, and maintenance reminders.

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Why choose our transport monitoring platform?

Better Routes. More Deliveries. Greater Profits.

Temperature Monitoring

  • Increase Shelf-Life of Goods
  • Timely Alerts for Change in Temperature
  • Get Accurate Temperature Related Reports
  • Quickest way to take corrective actions

Transporter Analysis

  • Delivery Time management
  • Optimum Utilization of Resources
  • 360 Degree Visibility of Fleets
  • Performance Analysis of Transporters

Trip Analysis

  • Trip Start and End Details
  • Know Unplanned & Unauthorized Stoppages
  • Get Updated on Missed Delivery Points
  • Loading & Unloading Points Analysis

Key Features

Provide transportation with advanced tools to reduce workload and increase productivity.

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Transport Monitoring Solution That Grows With You

Begin with starter version and upgrade as you grow, or hit the ground running with one our enterprise edition

Per trip
Up to 2,000 trips
Per trip
2,001 to 5,000 trips
Per trip
More than 5,000 trips
Per trip
Up to 2,000 trips
Per trip
2,001 to 5,000 trips
Per trip
More than 5,000 trips


Questions to ask before you invest

What is a Transport Monitoring Software?

Certainly, A Transport Monitoring Software (TMS) automates logistics operations to help you manage consignments, routing, dispatching, warehousing, etc. Furthermore, LogyTrak is your one-stop solution to manage day-to-day transportation operations. Easily automate logistics by optimising workflows, improving supply chain performance, and also maximising cost-efficiency.

What can I track or monitor with LogyTrak?

LogyTrak certainly offers a variety of functions that make logistics management easier. Such as,

  • Live Tracking of shipments
  • Temperature monitoring of consignments
  • Fuel and vehicle management
  • Automated driver behaviour reports
  • Detailed trip analysis
  • Vehicle maintenance reminders

Why is temperature monitoring important for my cargo?

Surely, Temperature monitoring of cargo is a critical requirement for multiple industries. It is essential for fleets transporting temperature-sensitive products such as food, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals. Moreover, maintaining a consistent, optimal, and compliant temperature is the key to delivering such products. In fact, such a system is now required by law in many countries.

How will I save money on fuel with LogyTrak?

Surely, fuel is the most expensive part of a logistics operation. But there are so many factors that affect fuel usage. Moreover, LogyTrak helps you eliminate all of them. Easily detect fuel theft, track fuel refilling and also fuel mileage, and eliminate the factors affecting fuel economy and consumption.

How does driver behaviour monitoring work?

Certainly, a driver’s skills can greatly impact important transportation factors. Furthermore, with LogyTrak, you can track driver performance and detect unhealthy behaviors that can jeopardize cargo safety or lead to fuel costs.

How does LogyTrak help me manage logistics?

Basically, LogyTrak adds intelligence to your logistics operations and helps you make the best choices to maximise financial savings. Furthermore, LogyTrak makes it really simple for you to monitor the location and status of shipments, manage workforce and vehicles, take action to minimise delivery delays, and be compliant with proper documentation.

How is LogyTrak better than my ERP for managing logistics?

Basically, your ERP is a general ledger. Furthermore, it can collect data, but it lacks the functionality to process, analyse, or optimise that data. Such static solutions are no longer adequate while dealing with the complex needs and problems of the modern supply chain. LogyTrak certainly, allows you to process data and come up with better, more cost-effective plans to improve operations. For complete supply chain visibility, LogyTrak is undoubtedly essential.

How does LogyTrak make my consignments safer?

LogyTrak can be a valuable asset for monitoring and protecting your valuable cargo. You don’t have to worry about theft or lost goods with LogyTrak’s advanced tamper detection. Get quick notifications for unauthorized passwords or break-in attempts.

How does live tracking work on LogyTrak?

Certainly, with live GPS tracking, Logytrak will streamline all you need to know about your shipments to one place. Additionally, you can track your cargo globally in real-time and individually monitor each shipment and driver.

What kind of alerts do I get using LogyTrak?

Certainly, from traffic violations to faulty air conditioning, identify and address any issues that are costing you money right away. Moreover, with timely alerts, you will be the first one to know if something goes wrong. Additionally, get detailed reports from the sensors deployed on your shipments.