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Load Sensor

Don't let overloaded vehicles compromise safety and profits - track your loads with our load sensor software.

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Keep Your Vehicles Safe and Efficient with Load

Ensure that vehicles are carrying appropriate weight

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Track every moment of your goods. 

Highlights of Load Sensor

Over Load Prevention

Over Load Prevention

Overloading of vehicles can be a safety hazard, and it can also cause damage to the vehicle and increase maintenance costs.

Our load sensor software can be configured to set weight limits for the assets being tracked, and if the weight exceeds the limit, an alert is generated to notify the fleet manager. The alert can also be sent via email or SMS.

Under Load Prevention

Our software is designed to detect when a vehicle is carrying a load that is below its capacity, which can provide valuable information to fleet managers.

This data can be used to optimize the use of the vehicle and ensure that it is being fully utilized. For example, if a vehicle is consistently carrying loads that are significantly below its capacity, fleet managers may be able to combine shipments or adjust routes to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

By monitoring underload conditions, our software help fleet managers make data-driven decisions to improve the performance of their fleets.

Under load Prevention
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Expand Your Knowledge on Load Sensor

Optimize Efficiency
Load sensors can be used to optimize fleet efficiency by ensuring that vehicles are carrying the appropriate amount of cargo. This can help to reduce fuel consumption, and increase vehicle lifespan.

Real-time Monitoring:
Get real-time monitoring of the weight of the cargo being carried by the vehicle. This allows fleet managers to quickly identify any issues with overloading or underloading.

Overload Alert
This alert is triggered when the weight or load of a vehicle exceeds a predetermined threshold. This can be set up to ensure that vehicles do not carry more weight than they are designed to handle.

Underload Alert
This alert is triggered when the weight or load of a vehicle falls below a predetermined threshold. This can be set up to ensure that vehicles are not being used inefficiently or are not carrying less weight than required.

Analytics & Reports
Get reports on various aspects of fleet operations, such as cargo weight, fuel efficiency, and vehicle wear and tear. This information can be used to optimize operations and reduce costs.

Hassle-free Downloads
All the reports can be customized and generated in tabular form and can further be downloaded in Excel or PDF formats for comparison.

Mileage-Based Consumption
Track fuel usage according to the mileage covered by the vehicle with our advanced system. Maximize efficiency, reduce costs and improve performance with accurate data.

Prevent Fleet Fuel Pilferage
Fuel sensors can monitor fuel levels in real time. With this fleet owners can now prevent 90% of fuel theft with the help of accurate data provided by our fuel management system.

Abnormal Consumption Report
The abnormal consumption report will show how much fuel the vehicle used on two different routes. This report also shows fuel theft, when there is a reverse pipe.

Learn how you can use our load sensor and make most of it.

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Questions to ask before you invest

What are the different types of load sensors integrated with the platform?

Our system can adapt to any type or brand of load sensor, which eliminates the necessity of using specific systems designed for certain brands. You have the freedom to choose the load sensors that align with your requirements, without any limitations on a particular manufacturer, brand, or sensor type. Therefore, our software is highly compatible with different load sensors.

How many alerts are available related to load?

Our software provides several alerts related to load sensors that help businesses monitor and optimize their fleet operations.
Overloaded vehicle alert, underweight alert etc.

How is load measured and displayed on Uffizio's platform?

Uffizio’s platform provides load data in the form of graphs, charts, or tables, depending on the user’s preferences. The data can be displayed in real-time or over a specific time period, such as the last hour, day, or week. The platform also provides alerts and notifications when load exceeds certain thresholds, allowing businesses to take action to prevent downtime or other issues.

Which reports do you have for Load sensors?

Our software provides loading unloading report that helps businesses monitor and optimize their fleet operations.