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White Label Sim Based Tracking Software

1000k+ trips | 2500k+ trip violations | 40k+ vehicles

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Sim based tracking

Advanced Sim Based Tracking Solution

Product Description

GSM technology has emerged as the perfect GPS alternative. We offer a sim-based GSM tracking solution that tracks your fleet only using the driver’s mobile network. No need for additional GPS devices. Say goodbye to installation hassle and extra costs. Just get the consent of your driver via phone or sms and you’re ready to go!


We offer a complete tracking solution for you that solely relies on the cellular network of the driver. Hiring vehicles for a short amount of time? Don’t want to spend money on GPS hardware? Need a tracking solution for a remote area with unstable internet? Look no further. With our SIM-based tracking technology, you can track your vehicles or consignment in real time at an affordable price.

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Why Choose Trakzee GSM?

Track your vehicles anywhere and anytime

Consent Based Tracking

We ensure privacy and transparency. Consent acknowledgement by your drivers allows us to enable tracking only when it is needed, so there’s no breach of privacy.

Cost Effective Tracking

No additional hardware charges or installation hassles. Our sim-based tracking doesn’t need additional hardware. Simply pay for the services, no money is spent on setup or upkeep!

Internet Not Required

Accurate tracking without internet. You do not need internet connection to track, only cellular data is enough for tracking your fleet.

Key Features

A wide range of functionalities to simplify vehicle tracking

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Questions to ask before you invest

Why should I use a SIM based Tracking Solution?

Certainly, you don’t need any additional hardware to use SIM based tracking. Furthermore, now you can track your vehicles in real-time without having to install a GPS Tracker. Additionally, This makes it much more cost-effective. Moreover, SIM based tracking is especially useful when you’re hiring vehicles for a short period of time.

How does SIM based tracking technology work?

GSM technology utilizes the mobile phone network of the driver to significantly track your vehicle. Moreover, GSM helps you track your vehicles without having to install a GPS tracking device, relying solely on the mobile phone network signals.

Is internet connectivity required for SIM based tracking?

SIM-based tracking is not dependent on internet connectivity. Consequently, this is very useful if you want to track vehicles in remote areas with no internet connection or poor connectivity.

What is GSM tracking technology?

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. Furthermore, a SIM-based GSM tracking solution can track an object using only the mobile network, eliminating the need for any extra hardware.

What is the installation process for Trakzee GSM?

Surely, just give us the phone number, the name of the operator, and the consent of your driver. And that’s it. No need for hardware installation! 

What SIM card do I need to use the GSM tracking?

Surely, You will not need a new SIM card to use our software. Further, Our SIM based tracking solution works with all major network operators. Moreover, You simply need to provide us with the phone number, network operator, and driver’s consent, and you’re good to go!

What kind of phone do I need to use SIM based tracking?

You don’t need to purchase separate phones for your drivers for our solution to work. You don’t even need a smartphone to use our software. It works with feature phones just as well.

How can GSM tracking help me save money?

GSM technology offers precise tracking and that too at a much lower cost. Since there are no additional hardware charges or installation hassles, you end up saving a substantial amount of money.

Is SIM-based tracking safe?

We guarantee privacy and clarity. Consent acknowledgement by your drivers enables us to authorize tracking only when necessary, which means there’s no breach of privacy.

How is GSM different from GPS?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a positioning system based on satellites. GPS network uses satellites to determine the accurate position of an object on the earth. GSM on the other hand utilises the mobile network to give location information.