Tracking and Fleet Management for the Trucking Industry

Transferring goods from one place to another, without proper management, can be a nightmare. Our trucking fleet management system is backed by years of experience and gives you absolute control over predicted as well as unexpected challenges! We provide the tools to plan optimum routes and lower operational costs.

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Tools that help you excel


Monitor driver behaviors, fuel levels, and your high-value asset—at the tip of your fingers.

Better Drivers

With dash cam integration, you can record every second of road time and monitor your drivers’ behavior.

Fewer Unauthorized Actions

Receive alerts for route deviation and unauthorized stoppages & protect high-value cargo using e-locks.

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Prevent Fuel Thefts

Get actionable data for abnormal drops in fuel levels. Reduce transportation costs by preventing fuel thefts.

Increased Uptime

Regular vehicle servicing can increase its uptime and prevent unexpected breakdowns.


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Elock software can remotely control the locking mechanisms of the vehicles in the fleet, enhancing security against unauthorized access or theft. It allows fleet managers to control who can access which vehicles and when. This is especially useful in large fleets where multiple drivers may use the same vehicle. Integration with GPS and telematics systems can enable real-time tracking of vehicles, which is crucial for efficient fleet management.

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trucking - live streaming

Dashcams/MDVR Integration

Enhance the overall safety of your drivers and fleets, with live streaming. Equip your trucks with in-fleet dash cams, rear-view, and side-view cameras. Get a holistic view of your fleets and drivers.


Route Optimization

Getting goods into warehouses or distribution hubs in good time is important. You can accomplish this using our route optimization module. It lets you access the most efficient and practical route—so your trucks don’t get stuck with long detours or in traffic-jammed lanes.

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Trucking - Fuel Report Screen
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Fuel Management Module

Fuel expenses make up about 33% of the total fleet operational costs. Through proper fuel management and accurate monitoring—you can bring these costs down. Integrate fuel sensors and set violations for theft and idling. Prevent drivers from wasting fuel and see how your fuel expenses are reduced dramatically.

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