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Vehicle Tracking for the CPG and FMCG Industry

Businesses in this industry deal with products that have low-shelf life. Hence, profits rely on brisk and efficient last-mile deliveries. Our solutions enable lower driving times and a drastic reduction in fuel costs and repairs.

Managing mobile medical units

Tools that help you excel


Get products into stores and avoid losses due to their spoilage. Increase customer satisfaction with more on-time deliveries.

Better Routing

Our solutions can help you design practical routes for more on-time deliveries.

Product Sustenance

Transfer goods at preferable temperatures and increase their sustainability.

Safe Driving

Set alerts for harsh acceleration, braking, or cornering and educate safe driving habits.

Operational Visibility

E-locks, QR codes, and biometric acknowledgement ensure throughout visibility.


Here's why we stand out from the rest


Live-tracking Screen

Knowing where your products are currently, and how long before they reach consumers can help you plan your manufacturing schedules. Get unparalleled visibility and be the first to know when your drivers successfully complete their deliveries. You’ll also know if any fleet is running behind schedule.

tracking screen

Driver Management System

Get comprehensive insights into driver behaviors. DMS gives managers and business owners a chance to set safety standards. It encourages drivers to take precautions while driving and exercise compliant driving. With real-time alerts and DVR integrations, managers experience a whole new level of transparency.


Route Optimization

Avoid congested roads, detours, or roads under repair—and reach delivery hubs quickly. Route optimization allows drivers to choose efficient and practical routes. Get your goods into stores faster, save fuel, and increase the number of deliveries per day using optimized routes.


Fleet Maintenance Reminders

Preventative maintenance keeps your delivery fleet running without breaking down. Well maintained and regularly serviced fleets perform better in the long run. A fully functional fleet is quintessential to the FMCG and CPG industries. Follow up with suggested maintenance regimes and get the most out of your delivery fleets.


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