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We support our partners & distributors by providing GPS tracking system and fleet management system. All our applications can be white-labeled and customized depending on your business needs. So, if you want to start your own white label GPS tracking business or expand the existing one—you’ve come to the right place. Let’s start tracking with our advanced GPS tracking platform.

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White Label Branding

Get White Label GPS Tracking Software with your logo and brand name. If you’re a fleet manager or a business in the telematics industry, then our white label solution is perfect for you—as well as your brand!

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Multi-language Support

At Uffizio, we don’t let language barriers slow down business operations. Without multiple-language support, you risk losing customers that may not be familiar with the English language. Besides, you can make the most out of our GPS tracking platform, when you access it in a language you are comfortable with.

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  • English
  • Thai
  • French
  • Hindi
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Tracker Independent

You’ll never have to worry about hardware trackers while using our platform! You can choose from a range of trackers. If a tracker works for you, it works for us too! Experience zero hardware compatibility issues with Uffizio!

API Integration and Customization

Automate processes and increase software efficiency with customizable modules and API integrations. Enhance productivity, keep data in sync, and drive more revenue with software modules—that are unique to your business!

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Would you like to see our GPS tracking system functionalities live? Would you like to know what else our platform can do for you? Let’s help you get in touch with our sales executives!

International Presence

The global enterprise you can trust

Uffizio has been providing powerful GPS tracking software and fleet management solutions for almost 20 years now. We continue to stand tall in the telematics industry and the numbers below justify it rightly.



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Our Products

Take a quick look at all our products!

  • trakzee
  • smartbus
  • taskeye
  • logytrck
  • trakride
  • trakzeemini

  • Track your fleets, their drivers, and delivery routes in real-time. Trakzee’s configurable modules can incorporate all your business needs. Get the most out of your fleets—with Trakzee Fleet Management Software!

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  • SmartBus is our most reliable school bus tracking and management solution. It provides unbelievable visibility to parents and school administrators. Ensure the safety of your child—from the first stop to the last.

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  • Overseeing the productivity of your employees when they are working outside the office is challenging. Uffizio makes this job easy with its workforce management solution—Taskeye. With live tracking, managers can monitor workforce productivity and asset use.

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  • Streamline delivery and routing with our logistics management software. Monitor your drivers, share live locations, and get alerts for unauthorized actions! Build sustainable delivery channels with LogyTrak!

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  • Managing rental fleets can be challenging without real-time tracking. That’s why we offer rental fleet management solutions for the shared mobility market. You can automate rent calculations and generate accurate invoices to enhance customer satisfaction.

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  • TrakzeeMini is specially designed to track and manage personal fleets or assets. You can track your car, your pets, motorcycle, bikes, and more! Know their locations, utilization metrics, and retrieve your assets easily in case of theft!

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We at Uffizio believe in maintaining long-lasting and fruitful business relationships. Uffizio has hardware partners across the globe. So, we can help you find a partner—if that’s what you’re looking for. Also, we’d be honoured if you partnered with us and would be more than happy to assist you with it.

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