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Video Telematics

Adding video telematics to your fleet management system will forever change the way your clients track and monitor their fleet. Get a solution to experience beyond tracking!

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Redefine Visibility and Ensure Fleet Safety

Reduce business inefficiencies, zoom into critical issues,
and respond proactively.

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Entitle your clients with reduced insurance and vehicle maintenance costs.

Highlights of Video Telematics

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Get real-time visibility into fleet operations with our live video streaming. Our software makes it simple to live-stream video from various camera devices. Up to 8 camera channels can be streamed simultaneously.

Audio streaming in real-time is also available in addition to live streaming. With improved and quick visibility, fleet owners can zoom in on driving habits, or events that led to an accident. Get access to real-time footage on mobile devices or desktop computers.

History Playback

Get access to historical incident videos to gain insight into past events for analysis and improvement of fleet operations. Replay violations and get context for risky driving behaviors. Playback videos can be used to investigate incidents such as accidents. Use this data to train the drivers on the safety issue.

This feature helps to lower operational costs and protects against false claims to ensure fleet and driver safety. Fleet owners or managers can easily download the videos locally as per the required need.

History Playback


As almost all accidents are caused by human error, we provide you with a safe solution. Driver and pedestrian safety is improved by ADAS and DMS.

We offer driver assistance and proactive alerts based on driving behavior. Drivers who are drowsy or distracted can be found by fleet owners. They can also get information about the driver’s current location and travel route. Based on various ADAS and DMS violations, fleet owners can add driver ratings as penalty points.

Fleet owners get driver- and object-specific event videos. They can also obtain exclusive event playback and track data by location.

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Maximize Your Fleet Safety with Video Telematics

Get a quick review of important events of ADAS and DMS along with the alerts on driving behavior on the dashboard.

Event Clips
Video footage of moments leading up to reckless driving behaviors gets recorded and is made available for review. Recordings can be easily downloaded.

24X7 Surveillance
Get instant insights into video recordings anywhere, anytime as we offer mobile app support. Get multiple channel access on the app along with a flexible view.

Alerts and Notifications
Get real-time alerts and notifications on events such as harsh braking, over-speeding, no seatbelt, etc. Drivers are provided with collision warnings.

Driver Event Report
Get an overview of the driver’s behavior during the journey. The report includes information such as the number of ADAS and DMS events that occurred, the date and time of each event, and the location where the event occurred.

Object Event Report
The report provides you with a clear picture with a map of the route taken by the driver, showing the location of each event. In addition, video footage of the events may be included to provide additional context and details about the incident.

Driver Violation Report
We provide you with a detailed report on driver violations like AC misuse, over-speeding, harsh breaking, Idling etc.

Driver Performance
Poor driving can cost more than we think, fleet owners can identify risky driving behaviors and coach the drivers. We provide detailed analytics on drivers’ performance to zoom into critical issues and respond proactively.

Easy Claim Settlements
Video telematics can be useful in easy claim settlements by providing objective evidence of the events leading up to an accident.

Integrate video telematics into your fleet management platform today to clip off inefficiencies

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Questions to ask before you invest

What alerts/events of DMS or ADAS can you generate on the platform?

Our platform provides you with the following alerts in ADAS-
– Forward collision warning

– Lane departure warning

– Pedestrian in danger zone.

– Traffic Sign recognition warning

Following alerts will be provided in DMS.

– Distraction alert

– Driver on call

– Eye closed
– Fatigue driving

– smoking

Are videos seen on playback?

Yes, during playback, the video footage can be viewed and analyzed in real time or at a later time. This can be useful for investigating accidents, analyzing driving behavior, and identifying areas for improvement in driver training.

For how long are video data stored on your platform?

Videos are stored for 90 days on our platform and later on it is stored on demand. Video recordings can be easily downloaded according to the required dates at any point in time.

Can we download any DMS/ADAS event videos to penalize drivers and their violations?

Yes, the event videos are available for download according to your requirement. You can identify driver violations and penalize drivers according to the violation reports.

What brands/devices of dashcams are integrated with your platform?

Our platform is hardware independent so you are free to select any brand’s dashcam or MDVR according to your requirements.

Are live streaming videos stored on the platform?

Yes, the platform stores live-streaming videos that can be played back. Additionally, you can download the videos for a specific date and time.

Is there a possibility to take snapshots on your platform?

Yes, it is possible to take snapshots during video streaming if your system has that facility. This can be useful for capturing specific moments or incidents during a trip or for highlighting key events during driver training.

Does your platform support video telematics via API integrations?

Our platform does support video telematics via API integration.