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Advanced Waste Collection
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Product Description

Waste collection software offers exceptional transparency, real-time data, and accurate analytics, empowering to take operations to the next level.


With Uffizio, waste collection tracking becomes affordable, effortless, and user-friendly. Look no further – SmartWaste is the ultimate solution for all your waste collection needs.


SmartWaste simplifies the process of monitoring waste collection activities. Track the progress of the crew in real-time, ensuring that schedules are met and routes are optimized for maximum efficiency.


Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with real-time insights provided by SmartWaste. Get instant alerts on the status of waste collection routes, enabling you to address any issues promptly and effectively.

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Why choose our waste collection platform?

Grow sustainable waste management businesses with Uffizio.

Manager App

  • Know vehicle locations in real-time
  • Quickest way to monitor jobs and routes
  • Get accurate job-related insights
  • Review geofence entry or exit time
  • Automate scheduling servicing dates

Citizen App

  • Book complaints for irregular collections
  • Take pictures of unclean dustbins
  • Track open and closed complaints
  • Online bill payment

Waste Collector App

  • Know upcoming and completed jobs
  • Scan QR codes or RFID tags
  • Navigation option to locate bins
  • Offline payment collection

Waste Collection Software Key Features

Provide waste collection with advanced tools to reduce workload and increase productivity.

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Waste Collection Platform That Grows With You

Begin with starter version and upgrade as you grow, or hit the ground running with one our enterprise edition

Per vehicle / month
Up to 2,000 vehicles.
Per vehicle / month
2,001 to 5,000 vehicles.
Per vehicle / month
More than 5,000 vehicles.
Per vehicle / year
Up to 2,000 vehicles.
Per vehicle / year
2,001 to 5,000 vehicles.
Per vehicle / year
More than 5,000 vehicles.


Questions to ask before you invest

What’s SmartWaste?

SmartWaste is a refuse vehicle tracking system, also known as a garbage van tracking system. Furthermore, It aids in monitoring the status of waste collection and disposal.
Additionally, Waste management companies rely on this application to receive immediate updates on their waste collection and disposal operations

How does it work?

You can easily set up waste collection points through our SmartWaste Manager app. Further, by assigning vehicles to these points, you can effortlessly generate jobs.
Furthermore, the app will promptly alert you when a vehicle arrives at a collection point or if it happens to miss one.
Additionally, you have the option to receive evidence of job completion in the form of photos, RFID, QR codes, and real-time GPS location updates.

How can SmartWaste help an administration work better?

Our user-friendly web and mobile applications offer administrators efficient tools to enhance operational visibility. As a result of seamlessly monitoring daily collection activities, you can instantly access real-time insights on working hours. This allows you to quickly spot any instances where your crew misses garbage pickups

How does the job module work?

The job module allows you to save waste collection points. Moreover, a job is considered finished only after visiting all the points along its route. Additionally, you can efficiently manage and track routes independent of the vehicle.
Furthermore, it helps you determine the reasons for missing a point and configure penalties based on specific areas. In conclusion, the Job Module provides comprehensive insights into missed, delayed, or poorly timed visits.

What can citizens do if there are missed collections?

Certainly, in the process of addressing irregular waste collection, citizens have the ability to lodge complaints and share their comments through user-friendly apps. Additionally, they can upload images of neglected or unkempt dustbins, and these pictures can be accurately geo-located. As a result, the administration can effortlessly monitor both open and closed complaints.

What do you see on SmartWaste’s live-tracking screen?

Waste management companies can easily monitor their daily waste collection routes and assignments through the live-tracking screen.
Additionally, they can keep an eye on designated waste collection points. Moreover, these bins are color-coded, with red, blue, and green indicating missed, ongoing, and completed points. Furthermore, managers have the option to review past collection routes using this feature

Who can use the SmartWaste Citizen app?

Any resident with a phone number can utilize this app. To get started, they can simply log in and create user profiles. Moreover, they have the option to file complaints regarding delayed waste collections. In addition, citizens are able to snap photos of messy bins or litter-strewn streets. Furthermore, all these grievances are visible in the manager app. As a result, waste management administrators can promptly address citizen concerns using this platform.

How does the SmartWaste waste-collector app work?

Certainly, with the app, waste collectors can effortlessly monitor both upcoming and finished jobs.
Additionally, they can provide evidence of completed tasks by using photographs, QR code scans, and RFID. Furthermore, the navigation feature aids in quickly locating the bins.

How does the SmartWaste manager app work?

Certainly, the manager app provides an excellent means to oversee jobs and routes. Additionally, managers can access real-time vehicle locations and receive precise job-related insights. Furthermore, this app allows users to review geofence entry or exit times, schedule servicing dates, and keep track of fuel consumption and refills, among other functions.

How does the geofencing work with SmartWaste?

Surely, Geofencing allows you to establish a virtual boundary on a map. Simply choose a location on the map and designate it as either a restricted area or a required zone. Every time a vehicle enters or leaves a geofenced area, you’ll receive an immediate notification. This feature is undoubtedly useful for ensuring your vehicles stay on track.