Telematics solutions that will supercharge your business

Fleet Management

Monitor your drivers, track your vehicles, save money on fuel, and much more!

Top-Rated Features

  • Video telematics
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Tire management

Field Employee Tracking

Perfect solution for transparent, effective and collaborative remote administration.

Top-Rated Features

  • Task and performance tracking
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Attendance monitoring

School Bus Tracking

SmartBus guarantees the safety of students — from the first stop to the last.

Top-Rated Features

  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Emergency panic button
  • Live Bus Tracking

Waste Collection Management

A solution that’s convenient for citizens, flexible for collectors and innovative for managers!

Top-Rated Features

  • Driver route assistance
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Geofencing

Electric Fleet Management

Track electric fleet, improve battery life, monitor driver behaviour and optimise routes.

Top-Rated Features

  • Battery temperature report
  • Battery charging status
  • Battery fault detection

Personal Vehicle Tracking

Track all your vehicles in real time, with break-in alerts and maintenance reminders.

Top-Rated Features

  • Real-time vehicle location
  • Theft and break-in alerts
  • Maintenance reminders

Transport Monitoring

Manage the supply chain and cut costs on outings, dispatching, warehousing and routing.

  • Task and performance tracking
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Attendance monitoring

Sim-based Tracking

Track your fleets using SIM-based mobile tracking without internet or GPS hardware.

  • All sim operators supported
  • Simple and free installation
  • Consent based tracking

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Hardware Friendly - GPS Tracking Software

All our GPS tracking softwares are hardware independent and compatible with the hardware of your choice. We partner with industry-leading hardware providers to give you the smoothest experience possible:


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