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Electric Fleet Management Software

Our Elexee app is designed especially for OEMs and software distribution partners. It gives accurate insights into parameters that can improve battery life. Get a detailed understanding of the state of charge, voltage, battery temperature, and more—only with Elexee. 

While Elexee mini is made for the road. It tells you everything you need to know about keeping your electric fleets running. 

From EV manufacturers to electric fleet users—we’ve got something for everyone!

Begin your fleet electrification
journey with Elexee
Get started with an advanced electric fleet management
solution today

A powerful electric vehicle management app is now in your hands

Access critical data OTA. Scale profits in no time.

Battery Health Management

Battery replacement will account for 40% of your total EV operational cost. And no one likes those numbers. That’s why our electric fleet management solution includes battery health monitoring tools. Track parameters like battery temperature, its voltage, and SOC (State of Charge) and improve your electric fleet’s battery life. Receive alerts for critical battery conditions and fix them without delay.

Energy consumption

Nothing damages the life of an EV battery more than over-charging. That’s why we alert you when your fleets are fully charged. We also offer alerts for low battery level warnings so that your EVs don’t get stuck without power. Use Elexee’s charging pattern report to further optimize charging schedules. Know how many times a day and for how long your EVs need to be charged.

Battery fault detection

The battery fault report gives you insights into problems that occurred during charging or driving EVs. You can quickly review fleets with critical battery health using Elexee’s dashboard. After all, being aware of battery faults is the first step to fixing them. We alert you in good time so you can service your batteries before they bring your operations to a grinding halt.

Tire pressure monitoring

EVs are bulkier than gas-powered vehicles owing to their battery weight. And they can go from 0 to 60 km/h in just a few seconds. What does all of this mean for you? It means that EVs can take a greater toll on your tires than fuel-powered fleets. And the only way to circumvent this is by monitoring tire pressure. Track your tire health and service them regularly for greater efficiency.

EV Range Tracking

Not sure how far your electric fleets can go on a single charge? Knowing how far your fleets can go before they need charging is essential for electric mobility. And we do that right with the Elexee app. Even if you’ve been driving your electric fleet every day, knowing its exact range can be tricky. Ambient temperature, driving pattern, type of road, and tire pressures can affect your EV’s range. That’s why knowing the range of an EV in real-time is so important!

Monitor Driver behaviors

The way you drive your electric fleet impacts its range and efficiency. Harsh braking, idling, and speeding can dramatically decrease your EV ranges. In fact, there is a 15% loss of range when your drive your EVs over 75 MPH. Use Elexee to set relevant alerts and prevent harsh driving. Integrated driver monitoring systems are great at identifying problematic driving behaviors and providing contextual data.


An end-to-end electric fleet management solution

The Elexee App

Analytics that help you find ways to reduce operational costs and prolong battery life.  

EV charging patterns

Monitor how long it takes for EVs to be fully charged

Read More

Battery faults

Detect faulty fleets & fix them immediately

Read More

Temperature Reports

Monitor EV battery temp. & prevent damages

Read More

Driving Violations

Set relevant alerts to enhance driving practices

Read More

The Elexee Mini App

Designed for the consumer market, Elexee mini gives you all the insights you need to keep your EVs moving

EV Ranges

Know how far your electric fleets can go

Read More

State of charge

Current & historical EV battery charging status

Read More

EV activity

How long have your EVs been on the road

Read More


Remotely control your electric fleets

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Resolve fleet issues before it's late

Read More
The Elexee Mini App

Supported GPS Tracker

Our fleet management system is compatible with over 1200+ GPS trackers and a variety of sensors. So, you can change your GPS trackers or hardware devices without having to change your fleet management platform!

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us!

Electric cars are the future. Let’s bring them home.