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Fleet management for the Passenger Transport Industry

Inaccurate arrivals/departures, unexpected breakdowns, and rash driving have troubled the transport industry for too long. At Uffizio, we are shaking our heads and saying, “Not anymore!” Give your business that competitive edge with Uffizio’s solutions!

Managing mobile medical units

Tools that help you excel


Ensure timely arrival and departures for and keep your passengers happy. Configure driving alerts and maximize overall safety.

Choose Better Routes

We help you plan efficient routes to reduce fuel expenses and travel times.

Accurate ETAs

Never make your passengers wait! Real-time updates help decrease waiting times.

Regular Maintenance

Service regularly & don’t lose business due to unplanned vehicle breakdowns!

Better Drivers

Know if your drivers are driving poorly.Discipline drivers with actionable data.


Here's why we stand out from the rest



Passenger transportation is a competitive industry. Timely arrival, departures, and accurate ETAs could really help your business stand out from the rest. With Uffizio’s live-tracking screen, you too can accomplish punctual arrivals and departures.


Driver Management system

Avoid collisions and passenger transport fleet damages by deploying DMS (Driver Management System). Set violation and exercise safe and compliant driving. With in-fleet dash cams, you can detect drowsy or distracted drivers and alert them preemptively. Improve overall safety using DMS!


MDVR/Dashcam Integration

Understand driving patterns and traffic around your passenger fleet using driver facing, road facing, rear, and side-view cameras. Dashcam provides irrefutable video evidence and can be useful in defeating false claims. Video clips can be used to exempt your drivers from false faults or can be useful in coaching them.


Maintenance Reminders

A flat tire on the road or a rusty engine could mean hours of waiting and delays for your passengers. To avoid customer dissatisfaction, take care of your fleets proactively. Stay on top of fleet maintenance schedules and run your vehicles at optimum capacities.

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