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Advanced Field Employee Monitoring Platform

Product Description

Our advanced field employee tracking software can help you keep an eye on your employees’ activities, travel logs, meetings, leaves, expenses, and daily tasks, so you stay in the loop! It is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use field employee tracking software out there.


Our field employee tracking software provides real-time visibility of employees’ activity on the field. It provides device-less tracking. The platform can be used in multiple domains as per requirement. It also works in offline mode.

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Why choose our field employee tracking platform?

Visibility. Remote Administration. Better Collaborations.

Task Management

Managers and employees, alike, can create and schedule tasks for the future, based on deadlines, employee availability, workload, and time offs.

Expense Management

Keep track of employee expenditures and process reimbursements accordingly. Compare your profits, liabilities, and ROIs with historic data points—to make financially wise decisions.

Leave Management

Stay in the know of employee availability and don’t schedule tasks for employees who are on leave! Employees can also useTaskEye to request leaves.

Key Features

Provide field employees with advanced tools to reduce workload and increase productivity.

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Field Employee Tracking Solution That Grows With You

Begin with starter version and upgrade as you grow, or hit the ground running with one our enterprise edition

Per employee / month
0 to 2,000 employees
Per employee / month
2,001 to 5,000 employees
Per employee / month
More than 5,000 employees
Per employee / year
0 to 2,000 employees
Per employee / year
2,001 to 5,000 employees
Per employee / year
More than 5,000 employees


Questions to ask before you invest

What can you do using TaskEye?

TaskEye is a remote employee monitoring software solution. You can track your employee’s tasks, location, expenses, and attendance. You can use it to keep tabs on your traveling salesmen or on-road crew. 

How is TaskEye beneficial for the management?

TaskEye ensures increased transparency and seamless tracking of assigned tasks. Managers get precise analytics about the on-field employees. And monitoring KPIs has never been easier. 

How is Field Employee Management Software beneficial for the employees?

We ensure the privacy of employees. The Field Employee Management App is super easy to use. Employees can easily stay updated with their tasks and have to deal with much less paperwork and documentation than before.

How do attendance and leave tracking work?

TaskEye is the easiest way to track the attendance of your field employees. Employees can easily use the app to change their status to on/off. TaskEye also makes it extremely simple for employees to apply for leave and for managers to approve leave.

How is TaskEye different from other employee monitoring solutions?

With TaskEye, enterprises get access to two different types of applications–TaskEye Manager and TaskEye Employee. Manager and employee applications come with completely different sets of reports, analytics, and features. TaskEye functions as a platform, allowing managers to communicate effectively with their remote crew. 

What can you do with the TaskEye Manager App?

Managers get total visibility into how jobs get done. Using this app, managers can assign and monitor tasks. They can also learn about an employee’s current location, distance traveled by the employee, expenses, time off, and more. 

How do I assign and track tasks with TaskEye?

With the manager app, you can seamlessly assign and track new tasks. Just enter task type, place of employee visit, & a time estimate. Allocate tasks based on employee availability and geographic location. You also get notified when an employee starts or finishes their task!

How does geofencing help me?

You can easily create geofences —  a virtual boundary on the map. Every time an employee enters or exits the geofence, you get notified! Frequently visited job sites are ideal for geofencing.

How does TaskEye help me manage finances?

You can easily track expenses for each employee. Get scheduled expenditure reports to optimise for maximum efficiency and profitability. Employees can easily take pictures and submit expense receipts and bills for review or reimbursement.

What can you do with the Field Employee Management App?

Employees can use this app to get an update about upcoming, missed, and completed tasks. They can use it for turn-by-turn navigation to a new worksite, expense reimbursement, and applying for leaves. They can also submit photos of completed tasks to update managers about their work progress.