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Tracking solutions for the Petcare Industry

Our software solutions ensure the safety and well-being of your pets! Whether your pet is playing outside the house or a thousand miles away, you can depend on our flexible and trustworthy solutions to track them. Access accurate pet locations and see your pet move in real-time.

Managing mobile medical units

Tools that help you excel


Monitor and ensure the safety of your pets, even when you are a hundred miles away from them!

Personalized Modules

Our configurable functionalities help you prioritize your pets’ needs!

Proactive Care

Address pet crises without wasting any time with real-time insights.


Get alerts for tampering or when your pets exit defined perimeters.


Accurate GPS tracking helps you locate lost or stolen pets.


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With geofencing, you can monitor your pets’ favorite places and get notified when they enter or leave them. This can help you track pet activity and movement, as you’ll be able to see how much time your pet spends in a geofenced area. You can also geofence perimeters of your house or garden and get notified when your pet leaves these areas without supervision.

vehicle movement


Reports are a great way to monitor your pets’ health. See how many miles you walked your dog or cat today and compare that with historic data points. You can use these insights to increase or decrease your pets’ exercise or outdoor times—shaping a better physical routine for your pet.



You’ll get notified when your pet tries to break free from its collar or ankle tracker. You’ll also receive updates regarding the tracker’s battery life. Preset conditions to receive notifications, for instance, you can choose to get notified when the tracker’s battery drops to 20%, so you can recharge it. Alerts help you get accurate pet locations—always!


Live-tracking Screen

Are you constantly worried about the whereabouts of your pet? What if they go astray? Or even worse, what if they get stolen? Quit worrying and use Uffizio’s live-tracking screen to track and retrieve your pets!


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