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Fuel Monitoring Software

An adaptable fuel monitoring software that can be specifically tailored to accommodate any brand or type of fuel sensor.

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Highlights of Fuel Monitoring Software

fuel monitoring software

Compatible With Any Sensor

Fuel monitoring software offers the flexibility to work with any brand and type of fuel sensor. This eliminates the need for brand specific systems. Moreover, you can choose the sensors that best suit your specific requirements. Rather than being limited to a single brand, manufacturer or sensor type, our system is suitable for-

  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Capacitive sensor (Wired/ Bluetooth)
  • Fuel flow meter
  • Digital sensor

Monitor Fuel Levels

Easily monitor fuel levels, drain fuel and refill fuel for multiple vehicle tanks specifically with our state of the art fuel monitoring system.

Multiple tanks in single vehicle

Heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks or other vehicles usually have two or more fuel tanks. Therefore, the software is designed to monitor the fuel levels in multiple tanks in a single vehicle.

Multiple sensors in a single tank

Fuel sloshes around in the tank when the vehicle is traveling on hilly roads. To achieve accurate results, it’s therefore necessary to install multiple sensors in a single tank. In addition, our software can monitor multiple sensors in a single tank.

fuel monitoring software Multiple Tank and Multiple Sensor
fuel monitoring software Across Industries

Use Across Industries

Flexible fuel monitoring software that can be used in various industries.

  • Trucking: In the trucking industry, it’s critical to manage and keep track of the fuel consumed by your fleet. This also includes recording fuel fill and simultaneously accurately monitoring fuel consumption.
  • DG Set: Monitor the consumption of fuel in DG set. In addition, track run hours, and refills of your DG set. Simultaneously get alerts for low fuel levels, or a sudden decrease in fuel levels.
  • Construction and mining: In this sector, it’s essential to manage fuel usage for heavy machinery and equipment. Meanwhile, this also involves tasks such as recording fuel fill and tracking fuel consumption.
  • Agriculture:  It’s undoubtedly essential to manage fuel usage for farm equipment and vehicles. This also involves recording fuel fill and monitoring fuel consumption.

Track fuel level in multiple tanks

Our fuel monitoring software is designed to help businesses monitor and track fuel levels in multiple tanks within a single vehicle. It also allows users to easily track the amount of fuel in each tank. Users can also set low fuel alerts, and generate reports on fuel usage and consumption.

Not only that our fuel tracking system can track fuel levels from multiple fuel sensors in a single vehicle. The software also enables users to view fuel levels from anywhere, making it easy to monitor fuel levels from anywhere, at any time.

multiple tanks fuel tracking

Our fuel monitoring software successfully supports

Sensor Brands
Sensor Models
Number of sensors
Sensors Connected

Expand Your Knowledge on Fuel Monitoring Software

tire management software
Advance Algorithm
Our advanced fuel monitoring algorithm is 99% accurate, providing you with confidence and control. This also leads to increased efficiency and cost savings.
tire management software
Get Instant Alerts
You’ll be informed subsequently every time the driver refills the fuel tank or occasionally experiences a sudden drop in fuel levels. Undoubtedly the alerts will help in understanding the issues.
tire management software
Other Liquid Violation
Specifically, to avoid engine damage caused by dirt in your fuel, our software assists in knowing dirt, debris, and water. This also ensures your engine operates at its best.
tire management software
Fill-drain Report

Fleet owners are provided with a detailed report of fuel filled and fuel drained with precise date, time, and location. Moreover, compare reports with historical fuel levels with our fuel monitoring software
tire management software
Measure Consumption

Optimize your fuel usage by checking your driving patterns whereas, effectively track and analyze driving habits, while reducing fuel consumption and saving money.
tire management software
Fuel Economy Chart

With this chart, you can track the economy and fuel consumption of your vehicles in the long run. You can also see how well your fleet is performing with hourly mileage.
tire management software
Mileage-Based Consumption
Track fuel usage according to the mileage covered by the vehicle in the long run with our advanced system. Maximize efficiency, while reducing costs and improve performance with accurate data.
tire management software
Stop Fuel Theft
 With the help of fuel sensors that constantly track fuel levels, fleet owners can prevent up to 90% of fuel theft. Our fuel management system surely provides accurate data to make this possible.
tire management software
Abnormal Consumption Report
This report will show in detail how much fuel the vehicle used on two different routes. This report of our fuel management software also shows fuel theft, when there is a reverse pipe.

See how thousands of fleet owner are undoubtedly using fuel tracking software to control costs and are making the most of it.


Questions to ask before you invest

How many ways can you monitor fuel on your platform? (Eg: Manual, sensors, obd/can)

Our platform offers sensor based monitoring, manual monitoring and monitoring via OBD/CAN. In addition, each of these methods allows you to measure, track and analyze fuel consumption, storage and measurement. This subsequently provides you with accurate information.

Which fuel impurities can your system detect?

The fuel management system utilizes advanced sensors and measurement techniques to detect a variety of dirt in fuel, including water, dust, debris, etc that can affect the performance of vehicles and equipment.
In addition, the software can monitor changes in fuel quality, such as density, and chemical composition, and alert users to potential issues. Furthermore, it can also detect and alert for any signs of theft and fuel theft, which contributes to reducing losses.
Unquestionably our fuel monitoring software provides you with all that you need.

What kind of reports do you provide for fuel management?

Additionally, our fuel management software offers a comprehensive range of features, including a complete fuel dashboard, fuel fill and drain report, fuel economy report, fuel consumption report, fuel trip summary, fuel expense summary, fuel abnormal consumption report, and work hour v/s fuel mileage report.

Can the fuel of multiple tanks be monitored for the same vehicle?

To track fuel in multiple tanks in a vehicle, the process involves installing sensors and monitoring equipment on each individual tank. These sensors can offer real time data on fuel levels, temperature, and other vital metrics. Subsequently, this data is sent to a control unit that can be connected to a GPS device. This significantly enables the tracking of the vehicle location and fuel usage.

Can fuel tracking be done without Fuel Sensors?

While fuel monitoring can be done without fuel sensors, it will only provide you with approximate reports. In contrast, fuel sensors can accurately and immediately measure the amount of fuel in the tank, also offering detailed information about fuel consumption and efficiency. Therefore, fleet manager looking to closely monitor fuel consumption should strongly consider these options.

Can the fuel monitoring software map multiple sensors added to one fuel tank?

Unquestionably our system is flexible. It allows for the integration of multiple sensors in a single fuel tank, specifically resulting in accurate data on fuel consumption. Moreover, the software can combine data from multiple sensors to offer a precise, real time representation of fuel levels and consumption.

Is your fuel management module useful for stable assets such as generators, etc?

Yes, our fuel management software can be useful for monitoring fuel in equipment such as DG sets, emergency power systems and other devices. In addition, the system can track fuel consumption, usage patterns and fuel levels of these assets, which is helpful for maintenance.

What kind of fuel alerts do you offer?

We have alerts specifically for fuel refill, fuel theft, etc. Additionally, we also have alerts for bad driving, such as harsh braking, over speeding, and idling, which can help you identify poor drivers.
In fact we provide you with all kinds of alerts needed.

Is there a possibility to calculate fuel wastage on the platform?

Indeed, our fuel monitoring software offers several types of reports that enable you to effectively calculate fuel wastage. In addition to these reports, we provide a variety of features and tools designed to monitor fuel efficiency and consumption. These include real time fuel level monitoring, route optimization, and fuel usage reports. These tools are valuable as it helps to identify fuel waste while providing recommendations to reduce fuel consumption and enhance fleet efficiency.

With what fuel sensors will your software work?

Undoubtedly our software is suitable for all types of fuel sensors, regardless of their model and brand, but we are also proud to support over 10 brands and 30 fuel sensor models. Significantly we currently have a global network of more than 50,000 active fuel sensors in operation.
In fact our software works wth any fuel sensor.

Can we have custom reports for Fuel?

Certainly, you have the option to receive reports created specifically for your needs. These reports can be created to accommodate a fleet’s distinct requirements, providing in depth insights into fuel consumption patterns, trends, and associated costs. Given these points, our software provides you with all kind of information you need.

Do we receive instant fuel theft or refill alerts?

Indeed, our fuel management system ensures that you receive instant alerts about fuel filling and also fuel drain in real time. These timely alerts serve to enhance fuel efficiency, control costs, and enable fleet owners to address potential fuel theft or waste quickly.