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Versatile software with the ability to integrate any type of Elock. Get anti-tampering alerts. Unlock remotely or based on geofencing.

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Highlights of E-lock

Compatible with any E-lock

Compatible with any E-lock

Our software is flexible to work with any type of E-lock and is compatible with different brands and models of E-lock. You can choose any E-lock that best fits your needs rather than being limited to a particular model.

Provide your clients with software that is significantly compatible with the most current and advanced technology available to secure assets.

E-lock Violation

As the cargo is in transit, it constantly faces the risk of unauthorized bypass or tampering. E-lock violation alerts play a crucial role in preventing the theft of vehicles or cargo. If an unauthorized person tries to access a vehicle’s cargo area or manipulate the lock, the system promptly sends an alert to the fleet owner or manager, empowering them to take necessary action.

Additionally, the E-lock violation report offers a summary of security incidents related to E-locks. This includes details such as the type of violation, the location, and the time of the incident.

E-lock Violation
Fleet Safety with Geofencing

Fleet Safety with Geofencing

By utilizing geofencing, you can establish virtual boundaries around specific areas or routes. This technology facilitates remote unlocking of cargo containers through commands upon reaching a designated location, thereby enhancing efficiency and minimizing delays.

Especially beneficial for companies transporting high-value or sensitive items, such as pharmaceuticals or electronics, geofencing enables quick unloading of cargo upon arrival. This capability reduces waiting times and enhances overall efficiency.

Aditionally, geofencing offers fleet managers real-time information on the location and status of their vehicles and cargo. This data becomes instrumental in optimizing routes, monitoring delivery times, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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supported trackers
Supported Trackers

Expand your knowledge on E-lock Software

tire management software
User-friendly Interface
Focusing on a user-friendly interface and intuitive design can help increase user adoption and make electronic lock software more accessible and convenient for end users.
tire management software
Web & Mobile Access
Offering the asset tracking solution on both web and mobile applications ensures accessibility for fleet managers. They can access the dashboard, view notifications, and monitor assets from anywhere and at any time.
tire management software
Real-Time Monitoring
E-lock software certainly provides real-time monitoring of E-locks. It further allows fleet managers to track the movement of cargo and detect any unauthorized access or unusual activity.
tire management software
You can make use of geofencing to define virtual boundaries around specific areas or routes. It enables remote unlocking of cargo containers through command when they arrive at a designated location, improving efficiency and reducing delays.
tire management software
Tampering Alerts
E-lock software detects any attempts to tamper with the E-lock, such as cutting the lock or drilling holes. When a tamper is detected, the software generates an alert that is sent to fleet managers or other authorized personnel.
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E-lock Status Reports
This report will provide you with the real-time location of E-lock on cargo. It also provides the battery status and lock status of the E-lock along with the map view.
tire management software
Mileage-Based Consumption
Track fuel usage according to the mileage covered by the vehicle with our advanced system. Maximize efficiency, reduce costs and improve performance with accurate data.
tire management software
Prevent Fleet Fuel Pilferage
Fuel level sensors can monitor fuel levels in real time. With this fleet owners can now prevent 90% of fuel theft with the help of accurate data provided by our fuel management system.
tire management software
Abnormal Consumption Report
The abnormal consumption report will show how much fuel the vehicle used on two different routes. This report also shows fuel theft, when there is a reverse pipe.

Learn how you can use our e-lock software and make most of it.


Questions to ask before you invest

Do we get e-lock tampering alerts?

Surely, our software actively sends tampering alerts if there is any unauthorized access or attempts to manipulate the e-locks. The alerts go to the fleet manager or any other authorized person responsible for the security of the cargo.

How many ways can we unlock e-locks?

Certainly, several ways exist to unlock e-locks, depending on the specific type of electronic lock and the features it supports. Here are some common methods for unlocking e-locks:

Password or PIN: Enter a password or PIN using a keypad or a mobile application to unlock some e-locks.

RFID or NFC: Unlock certain e-locks by tapping an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled device, like a key card or smartphone, to the lock.

Biometric: Use biometric technology, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to unlock some e-locks.

Bluetooth: Connect certain e-locks to a mobile device, like a smartphone, using Bluetooth technology and unlock them through a mobile application.

Remote control: Unlock some e-locks using a remote control device, such as a key fob or remote control.

How many industries are e-locks being used in?

E-locks are being used in a variety of industries where security and access control are critical concerns. Here are some industries where e-locks are commonly used:
Logistics and Transportation: E-locks are widely used in the logistics and transportation industries to secure cargo containers and prevent theft or tampering during transportation.
Manufacturing and Industrial: E-locks are used in manufacturing and industrial facilities to control access to secure areas, such as equipment rooms, warehouses, and data centers.
Healthcare: E-locks are used in healthcare facilities to secure medical equipment, medication cabinets, and restricted areas.
Hospitality and Retail: E-locks are used in hospitality and retail settings to secure guest rooms, storage rooms, and restricted areas.
Government and Military: E-locks are used in government and military facilities to secure equipment, vehicles, and restricted areas.

Can we get to know the battery percentage of e-locks on the system?

Uffizio’s GPS tracking software enables you to effortlessly track the battery percentage of each e-lock on the system via the software’s dashboard. The software actively delivers real-time updates on the battery status of the e-locks, empowering you to monitor and manage the battery life of each e-lock. This information proves especially valuable for ensuring proper functionality of the e-locks and identifying potential issues with their battery life before they escalate into problems.

Can we lock/unlock the e-locks from the mobile application?

Certainly! Our software includes a mobile application that allows you to remotely lock and unlock the e-locks on your vehicles or cargo containers. The mobile application offers a convenient and secure method for controlling the e-locks from any location, at any time.

To utilize the e-lock control feature through the mobile application, you must have the necessary permissions and access rights. Once granted, you can use the mobile application to send commands to the e-lock module, enabling you to lock or unlock the e-locks remotely. Real-time monitoring of the e-lock status is also possible, and you will receive alerts in the event of any unauthorized access or tampering.

Can we lock/unlock the e-lock when there is no network connection?

Depending on the specific type of electronic lock and its features, e-locks may have built-in memory or backup power sources enabling them to function even without a network connection. In such cases, you can still use an authorized device, like a key card or remote control, to lock or unlock the e-lock.
For e-locks relying on network connectivity to function, however, it may not be possible to lock or unlock them without a network connection. In these instances, you may need to wait until network connectivity is restored to carry out any necessary lock or unlock operations.

Which brands of e-locks are integrated with our system?

Certainly, our GPS tracking software is designed to be compatible with all brands and models of e-locks. This further ensures seamless integration and maximum flexibility for our customers.

What are the different alerts available on the system related to e-locks?

Uffizio’s GPS tracking software actively issues a variety of alerts related to electronic locks (e-locks) to ensure the security and integrity of your assets. The system includes the following e-lock alerts:

1. Tamper Alert:The system triggers this alert when someone tampers with an e-lock, such as unauthorized opening or closing.

2. Low Battery Alert: This alert activates when the battery level of an e-lock drops below a certain threshold, signaling the need for battery replacement or recharge.

3. Unlock Alert: An alert is triggered when an e-lock is unlocked, indicating potential access to the secured asset or equipment.

4. Lock Alert The system issues this alert when an e-lock is engaged, confirming that the asset or equipment is secure, and access is restricted.

5. Geofencing Alert: An alert is activated when an e-lock is moved beyond a predefined geographic area, suggesting a potential risk of theft or tampering.

6. Maintenance Alert: This alert is triggered when an e-lock requires maintenance or servicing, indicating issues such as malfunctioning or the need for cleaning.