Fleet and employee monitoring for the Waste Management and Recycling Industry

Waste collection agencies need to keep their fleets and workforce operating at maximum capacities. A minor error in this industry means delays, overflowing waste bins, health risks, and unhappy citizens. Our waste management solution is here to make sure this doesn’t happen!

Managing mobile medical units

Tools that help you excel


Plan optimum garbage collection and disposal routes to maximize productivity. Lower expenses by regular maintenance and fuel monitoring.

Better Routes

Access efficient routes! Track and manage garbage collection and disposal routes to increase workforce efficiency.


Track waste and recycle bins. You can know if waste bins are being cleaned regularly or not using QR codes or RFID.

Regular Maintenance

Reduce, or even eliminate, the need for repairs with maintenance schedules.


Eliminate disagreements between supervisors and citizens by providing proof for completed tasks.


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Route Optimization

Get more jobs done with quicker, more feasible routes. List out garbage-pickup points and see what is the fastest, most efficient route to cover all those check points. Route optimization not only increases workforce productivity but also helps you save on fuel expenses!


Job Module

Automate task allotment and save hours of manual work. Enter task details, days, and conditions of re-occurrence, and assign them to available drivers. You can also enter parameters like driver absence, fleet maintenance days, or time-offs and build sustainable schedules that are compliant with your business needs—from the ground up!



Make sure your sweeping truck and garbage-pickup vans are in top-notch condition with proactive maintenance schedules. Get the regularly serviced and avoid unexpected breakdown or massive repair costs. You can customize maintenance dates, so as to not affect your daily operations.

employee tracking screen

Employee Tracking

Keep tabs on employee productivity. Employees can be tracked via the live tracking screen. For further transparency, employees can submit proof of task completion, like uploading pictures or videos of a cleaned street. Employee attendance can also be automated using RFID or biometrics.


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