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Product Description

Trakzee Mini – personal vehicle tracking software that offers tracking and monitoring services for your personal vehicle. It lets you know your vehicle’s location and notifies you when there is breaking.


Moreover, the Trakzee Mini helps in maintaining your vehicle’s health and preventing further damage by giving constant maintenance reminders.


Surely, Trakzee Mini – personal vehicle tracking software is designed to offer out-of-the-box functionalities which include route playback, maintenance reminders, parking violation alerts, a live tracking screen, an easy payment module, geofence, and many more.

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Why Choose TrakzeeMini?

Accurate Insights. Real-time Alerts.

Maintenance Reminder

Streamline your assets’ maintenance activities with TrakzeeMini’s maintenance reminder system. Cut costs and prevent damages by keeping up with the asset maintenance schedule.

Route Playback

The route playback feature lets you review the route traveled by your assets for a selected date and time. Also, customize the playback speed of your assets and view all the stops or path deviations.


Set a proximity parameter or a virtual boundary for the vehicle. It helps you get notified when the vehicle enters the area and sends alerts when the vehicle exits the geofence area.

Personal Vehicle Tracking Software - Key Features

A wide range of functionalities to simplify vehicle tracking

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Personal Vehicle Tracking Software That Grows With You

Begin with starter version and upgrade as you grow, or hit the ground running with one our enterprise edition

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Questions to ask before you invest

What is the Trakzee Mini app used for?

Trakzee Mini offers personal vehicle tracking and monitoring services. Certainly, from real-time vehicle location to alerts for break-ins, the app is a one-stop solution for managing all your personal vehicles from one place. Aditionally, Trakzee Mini also assists you in maintaining the health of your vehicle by sending out regular maintenance reminders.

How can Trakzee Mini keep my vehicle safe?

Trakzee Mini gives you the live location of your vehicle. You can easily locate your vehicle on a map. When an unauthorised individual attempts to ride in your vehicle, the anti-theft system will prevent the engine from starting. Reminders to perform routine maintenance to keep your car safe.

What is a Personal Vehicle Tracking solution?

Basically, personal vehicle tracking system offers tracking and monitoring services for your personal vehicles. Moreover,it keeps you updated on your vehicle’s location and notifies you when there’s an irregularity such as theft attempts or breaking and entering.

Can I track multiple vehicles using Trakzee mini?

Surely you can add multiple personal vehicles. ,Moreover, from a motorcycle to a car, and track them all using our mobile app. 

How can Trakzee mini be useful for parents?

YCertainly, you want to le t your kids use personal vehicles but are scared. Is that right? That happens to all the parents. With our solution, you can significantly track the vehicle in real time and set geofence zones. Straightaway get instant alerts if the vehicle enters or leaves that zone.

What can the Trakzee Mini app track?

Certainly, Trakzee Mini tells you how long the vehicle was on and running during the day. Moreover, you can examine and analyze the route taken by your vehicle. Furthermore, select a date to view the route specifics for that date. Easily track how long the vehicle was running, idling, or parked.

How can Trakzee Mini help me stay compliant?

Basically, all of your documentation, such as your RC book, insurance paperwork, and driving license, can be saved in one app. Furthermore, you will also receive parking violation warnings. However, going on a tour? Get a complete route timeline with detailed vehicle activity during the entire trip.

How does Trakzee mini help me maintain my vehicles?

Certainly, maintaining your vehicle is important for an extended vehicle lifespan. However, Trakzee mini helps you keep track of the maintenance schedule.

How does Trakzee Mini help me save money?

Surely, you get timely maintenance alerts, parking violation alerts, as well as theft alerts. All of that amounts to an extended vehicle lifespan. It also reduces costs and prevents damages.

What can Trakzee mini help me plan my trips better?

Surely, the route playback feature lets you review the route traveled by your vehicles for a selected date and time. Furthermore, You can customize the playback speed and view all the stops or path deviations so that you can plan your route better the next time.