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Tracking commercial fishing vessels

We provide unparalleled visibility to vessel and ship owners and safeguard their remote assets. Stay connected and collaborate effectively with your crew—even when they are far away.

Managing mobile medical units

Tools that help you excel


Make sure your crew’s onboard activities are consistent. Monitor fuel, temperature of storage rooms, and vessel locations at your fingertips.

Better Voyage Planning

Our software provides you with geospatial insights, so you can plan better trip routes.

Increased Visibility

Through MDVR, see what’s happening on board and put a check on crew inactivity and unauthorized activities.

Product Sustenance

Our software identifies the slightest increase in storage room temperatures and notifies you consequently.


Geo-fence restricted zones and international waters and make sure your vessel stays in compliant fishing regions.


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Analytical Reports

Reports help you understand your business’s operational costs. Compare expenses with revenue and ROIs. See what assets are draining money and take measures to eliminate those. You can also analyze historic expenses and profits to see how well your business is doing.

vessel status

Live-streaming (DVR and MDVR)

See what your workforce is doing on board using DVR/MDVR. Remember, a supervised crew functions efficiently! Eliminate idling and boost productivity by keeping an eye on your crew. Live-streaming screen helps you achieve the ultimate peace of mind—as you can monitor your crew even when they are a hundred miles away!



Receive notifications when a vessel enters or exits a port. You can also get notified when your vessel crosses a restricted zone or enters international waters. You can also preset alerts for monitoring the temperature of storage rooms. Keep fished produce fresher for longer periods by maintaining ideal temperatures.


Route Optimization

Plan better voyages and get to prime fishing spots using beeline routes. Optimized routes decrease transportation times and fuel expenses. Besides, with short and efficient routes, vessels return to shore quickly, preventing product spoilage. Ship fresh produce and increase customer satisfaction!


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