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Client Exclusive Webinar on Video Telematics

We are pleased to offer our valued clients access to an exclusive webinar, which took place on August 9, 2023. In this informative session, we have explored the impact of video telematics on various industries and the role of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing fleet management.

Whether you are actively engaged in fleet management or simply seeking advanced solutions, this recorded webinar is tailored to provide you with valuable insights. Access the webinar now to gain valuable knowledge at your convenience.


Webinar Agenda

1) Introduction
– Warm welcome and webinar overview –
– Brief introduction of the host and their expertise
– Explanation of the importance of video telematics in fleet management
2) Mitigating Risk: The Impact of Driver Distraction 
 – Identifying driver distraction as a leading cause of road accidents
 – Understanding the risks associated with distracted driving in fleet operations
 – Introducing how video telematics can play a crucial role in reducing distraction-related incidents
3) An Overview of Essential Features and Functionalities 
 – Explaining the core components of video telematics
 – Discussing event-triggered video recording and data storage
 – Mentioning features such as ADAS, DMS – Mentioning alerts and reports
4) Benefits of Video Telematics 
 – Enhancing safety and accountability for fleet drivers
 – Improving driver behavior through actionable insights
 – Reducing accidents, vehicle damage, and insurance costs
 – Boosting operational efficiency and fleet performance
 – Addressing liability and false claim issues with video evidence
 5) Use Cases of Video Telematics 
 – School Bus Safety
 –  Security of Cash Carry Vans
 – Safety and Compliance in Hazardous Chemical Transportation
6) Question and Answer (Q&A) Session