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How are AI dashcams transforming transport management systems ?


We are happy to announce that we’ve collaborated with Howen Technologies for another exciting webinar. On 16th June 2022, expert speakers from Uffizio and Howen Technologies will talk about the role of AI dashcams in the transport industry.

Tune in with us and learn more about how AI dashcams are changing the face of transport management systems. See how artificial intelligence is affecting fleet management operations.

If you’re in the business of fleet management or simply exploring advanced fleet management solutions—this webinar is for you.


Webinar Agenda

1. Company profiles

See what Uffizio and Howen Technologies have to offer you.

2. Why does the transport industry need AI dashcams?

Let’s speculate why AI dashcams have become so important in the transport sector. The risk of accidents, the rising cost of vehicle repairs, and pricey insurance premiums are just a few reasons to get you started.

3. How are modern dashcams changing the face of fleet management systems?

ADAS and DMS have raised the standards of safety. They have changed the way drivers get assessed and monitored. We’ll discuss how AI dashcams can enhance video telematics—in a way that benefits all involved parties.

4. Howen reveals their new Smart AI dashcams!

What makes Howen’s new dashcams so smart? Let’s find out together!

5. How do these AI dashcams function on Uffizio’s fleet management software?

You need a fleet management system to store, analyze, and understand the data generated by Howen’s AI dashcams. See how Uffizio’s platform can help you make the most out of your dashcams.

6. Question and Answers

Our speakers will take questions from the audience and answer them in this segment.