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Agriculture Fleet Tracking Software

We help businesses in the agriculture industry by tracking productivity. Get precise telematics insights into tedious field works and increase the efficiency of tasks like plowing, sowing, or irrigating. Also, you will get clear data about your equipment’s health and status!

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Tools that help you excel


Practice precision farming with our agriculture fleet management. Increase equipment uptime, workforce productivity, and savings!

Product Sustenance

Video telematics can help you work your equipment and workforce at maximum capacities.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Stay on top of maintenance schedules and eliminate equipment repair costs!


Monitor plowed or harvested fields and get alerts for unauthorized activities.


Automate the calculation of field metrics, engine hours, and labor wages.


Here's why we stand out from the rest with our agriculture fleet management



Using our live-tracking screen, you can follow your raw agri-products, while they are in transit. See if they are reaching a designated warehouse or a distribution center on time. You will get alerts when your drivers are running late or if they are on an unauthorized route. Besides, our agriculture fleet management can help you get insights into where your agriculture fleets or equipment are getting used and help you maximize resource utilization.

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Geofences can help you differentiate between cultivated fields. You can set each crop field up with a uniquely colored geofence. This is useful in tracking crop yields and crop rotation. It can also help you track activities performed on these crop fields—if they have been harvested, undergone pest control, or if they are ready for plowing.

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Reports can help you monitor key performance indicators like engine hours, area of plowed fields, distance traveled by tractors in a day, and more. You can also use reports to monitor fuel and maintenance expenses—and distinguish between your profitable and non-profitable assets.

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Maintenance Reminders

Stay on top of equipment monitoring through timely alerts and practical maintenance programs with our agriculture fleet maintenance. Keeping up with equipment and agricultural fleet maintenance will significantly improve their performance and prevent unwanted breakdowns. You’ll get alerted when your equipment is due for maintenance—so you can plan accordingly.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us!

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us!