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Tire Management for Mining Fleets


The mining industry is a sector that involves the exploration, extraction, and processing of minerals and other natural resources from the earth’s crust. A mining company operates a large fleet of heavy equipment and manages a vast number of tires, which makes it difficult to keep track of tire performance and maintenance schedules. This can lead to downtime, safety incidents, and increased costs.


Extreme Terrain Conditions: Mining operations often take place in harsh terrains with sharp rocks, uneven surfaces, and abrasive materials, leading to accelerated tire wear and damage.

Premature Tire Wear: Mining vehicles carry enormous payloads, causing increased stress on tires, which can lead to premature wear and failure.

Safety Concerns: Tire failures in mining vehicles can result in serious accidents, posing significant risks to both equipment operators and other workers on-site.

Operational Downtime: Downtime due to tire-related issues can be especially costly in the mining industry, where continuous operation is crucial for meeting production targets.

Costly Replacements: Replacing mining tires is a substantial expense, and finding the balance between tire replacement schedules and maintaining optimal tire performance is challenging.


Mining Challenges


Regular Tire Inspections: The software includes an inspection module that automates regular tire inspections, ensuring comprehensive examinations and reducing the risk of tire failures.

Data-Driven Maintenance: Collecting and analyzing data on tire performance, including tread wear and damage, allows mining companies to optimize maintenance practices and reduce downtime.

Mining Solutions

Tire Installation Chart: The software included a brand-wise tire installation chart to track tire usage and ensure that each vehicle was equipped with the right type of tire.

Terrain-Specific Tire Selection: Mining companies can use data from the software to make informed decisions about tire types best suited for specific terrain conditions. This also enhances tire longevity.

Brand and brandwise Charts
mining topology
cloud processing


Cost Savings – Tire management software allowed mining companies to optimize tire usage and maintenance, reducing the need for premature tire replacement and lowering maintenance costs.

Data-driven Decision-making – The software’s analytics capabilities allowed for the identification of patterns and trends, providing insights into tire performance and maintenance needs, and enabling more proactive and informed decision-making.

Improved Tire Lifespan – By tracking tire performance and maintenance history, mining company extends the lifespan of their tires, ensuring they get the most out of their investment.

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