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Securing Cash Carry Vans with Video Telematics


Cash carry vans are vehicles that transport cash, valuables, and other sensitive items. These vehicles are vulnerable to theft and robbery, making it essential to ensure their security during transit. Video telematics software can be used to monitor these vehicles, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency.


Security: Ensuring the safety and security of cash, valuables, and personnel during transportation is paramount.

Risk Management: Managing the risk of theft, robbery, and unexpected incidents during cash transportation.

Driver Behavior: Monitoring and promoting responsible driving behavior to minimize the risk of accidents.

Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to industry-specific regulations and security standards is essential.

Incident Management: Efficiently handling incidents, emergencies, and claims related to cash transportation.


Video Cash carry van challenges


Video telematics offers a comprehensive solution to address these challenges in cash carry van operations:

Real-time Security Monitoring: Video telematics systems are installed inside cash carry vans, providing live video feeds from multiple cameras. These cameras cover both the interior and exterior of the van, ensuring continuous monitoring.

Live Streaming: This enables real-time monitoring of the van and its contents, allowing fleet managers to respond promptly to any security concerns or suspicious activities.

Live streaming

Instant Alerts: Real-time alerts notify fleet managers of any suspicious behavior. It enables immediate action to be taken to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with security protocols.

Driver monitoring:  The software utilizes advanced technologies to detect signs of driver fatigue, distraction, or unauthorized access to cash or valuables.

video DMS reports

Incident Management: Video footage captured by the cameras serves as irrefutable evidence in the case of incidents, accidents, or fraudulent claims.

The historical playback feature allows for a detailed review of events, aiding investigations.

Video History Playback

Reports and Analytics: The software provides valuable insights into driver performance, route deviations, and stoppage durations. It enables fleet managers to make data-driven decisions to streamline operations.

video telematics reports
Carry Vans Topology
cloud processing


Enhanced Security and Reduced Theft Risks:
The presence of video telematics systems deters theft and unauthorized access, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches during transportation.
Improved Driver Safety and Asset Protection:
Driver behavior monitoring and real-time alerts contribute to enhanced driver safety and the protection of valuable assets.

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