Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS collects real-time data from the sensors mounted on wheels to measure air pressure and provide you with accurate metrics. Uffizio’s Tire management system has integrated a unique TPMS that you can proudly present to your customers and ensure that you have a happy customer experience.


Eliminate the need for manual tire pressure checks by integrating Tire Pressure Monitoring System

  • Get real-time and precise tire pressure information
  • Know if the tire pressure is going low or the tire is going flat.
  • Fully customizable tire pressure configuration according to the vehicle’s demands.
  • Understand tire pressure variations to avoid unexpected accidents.
  • Alleviate the threat of tire blowout by getting swift notifications about real-time tire temperature.                  
  • Configure tire temperature needs according to different vehicles used in various industries.                                     
  • Understand the tire metrics with customized graphical representation.
  • Tire pressure management system comes integrated with Tire Management Software which keeps you updated with all the insides related to your tire health.
  • We provide reports on minute details of tire usage so that fleet managers can figure out which tire has been utilized maximum, which need to be changed or which should be removed.
  • Maintaining tire inventory is very crucial and our software does that easily for your clients.
  • Our TPMS helps to prolong life of tires and also helps in reducing costs

Seamless Integration with Hardware of your Choice

Uffizio has an extensive hardware partner network. Your clients are free to choose any hardware according to their tracking needs and get our software integrated. Be rest assured that your clients won’t ever face compatibility issues.


MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) provides a wider assortment of capabilities. It includes robust security measures


With real-time incident detection and preventative in-cab coaching, AI Dash Cams are proven to protect drivers and lower costs.

Benefit your clients with TPMS


Get instant alerts via mobile notifications, web notifications, or SMS

Road safety

Know your tire health and escalate Road safety

your fuel efficiency

Increase your fuel efficiency and fleet efficiency

expensive tire repairs

Big savings on expensive tire repairs

Industries where your clients cater

  • GPS-triggered alerts and on-demand presets related to tires.
  • Know the avg. KM/MM for each tire & use it to improve tire performance.
  • Know your tire fitment values by the month of installation or by its brand name.
  • With Tire pressure monitoring system Estimate, compare, and find ways to improve tire mileage.
  • You can get insights into the distance traveled by your fleet’s tires.
  • Know the exact number of tires on the wheel, kept in inventory, scrapped, or out for maintenance.
  • Improper tire pressures can lead to a tire-related mishap.
  • We help stakeholders get that 360° visibility for maximum scalability.
  • Alerts on inspection dates for your tires, so that you don’t miss out on maintenance.

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