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Route Optimization

route optimization

Driving from home to the office is quite easy as we know the most efficient route through our daily experience. But imagine if you have to drive to a new office daily. Your brain has to do some extra mental work in that case. And if you are not aware of the routes then it will be a nightmare. Navigation services like Google Maps can help you to tackle this problem.

But what to do if you as a fleet manager have to plan routes for your drivers, who have hundreds, if not thousands of destinations or clients to visit, planning such routes manually is a time-intensive and inefficient solution. And in this case, even navigation services won’t help you as they are designed for individual needs. Hence, utilizing a large fleet is a headache if you do not have an established system in place.

Impact on Cost and Productivity :

In many industries, driver wages and fuel costs alone make up 59.8% of the total operational cost per mile. So even small improvements to your driver’s routes can not only help you deliver packages or serve your clients faster but can have a significant impact on your bottom line. With proper route optimization tools, your business could save up to 30% in mileage and improve your order capacity by as much as 100% without increasing your fleet.

Route Optimization in Fleet Management Software 

Route optimization is the process of finding the most cost-efficient route for a set of stops for multiple vehicles. It helps to minimize driving time or mileage for multiple stops. It takes into account several important factors, such as the number of vehicles in the fleet, the number of stops on the route, the type of delivery, the load capacity of the vehicles, and delivery checkpoints.

Optimized routes help both managers and drivers to complete more deliveries in less time while keeping your customers happy. Route optimization makes finding the most efficient route simple.

How does route optimization work?

Trakzee’s route optimization module has various capable features like optimization parameters (distance, weight, seat availability, etc), inbuilt integration with Job Dispatch, and no limits on the number of objects. This helps you to plan optimized multi-stop routes in minutes.

This is how :

  1. Add your optimization parameter i.e optimization based on distance, weight, or seat availability.
  2. Add depot and delivery locations.
  3. Click on “Optimize” and it’s all set.

And you will get planned routes in a fraction of a second. Trakzee’s Route Optimization module does not stop there. It goes a step further. You can assign jobs for these routes directly with a click of a single button.

  1. Click “Add as a Job” and your work is done.

Trakzee is a fleet management software that makes your life simple with this set of features. That is one of the many reasons it is loved by our customers across the globe. In addition to a rich feature set, we have put emphasis on the simplicity of the design and usability. Our User Experience team has done a remarkable job in providing best in class experience to the users.

Benefits of Route optimization 

  • Once you start optimizing trips for your fleet, fuel costs will be reduced drastically which in turn saves a lot of money for you.
  • Trakzee’s Route Optimization doesn’t just plan routes but also allows you to allocate trips to the drivers based on those routes.
  • Reduced manual work, and increased productivity.
  • It plans the optimal stop order on the route. Which is one of the important parts of route optimization that helps to reduce driving time, fuel usage, and fleet size.
  • Increased number of deliveries without increasing the fleet size.