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What’s New for the Month of June 2024



We are excited to share the latest enhancements to our GPS tracking software, designed to improve functionality, security, and user experience. These updates include advanced features and integrations based on user feedback and industry requirements. It ensures that you have the most effective tools for your tracking needs. Explore the new capabilities and see how they can benefit your operations.

User-Friendly Search Bar Implementation

We are announcing the addition of a User-Friendly Search Bar to our GPS tracking software, enhancing navigation and accessibility for all users.

Key Enhancements:

  • Search Bar: Quickly find and go to any screen by typing keywords. Available on the Dashboard and Live Tracking screens.
  • Real-Time Suggestions: See suggestions as you type, helping you find what you need faster.
  • Rights-Based Availability: Only see search results for screens you have access to, keeping navigation secure.
  • Direct Navigation: Click on a search result to go directly to the screen.
  • Accessibility: Available to all users, including Admins, Sub-users, Resellers, and Company Sub-users.
  • Consistent Experience: The search bar is available across all Smart project themes for a smooth experience.


User-friendly Search



  • Improved Efficiency: Quickly find and access any screen, saving time and boosting productivity.
  • Better User Experience: The search bar is easy to use, with helpful suggestions and prompts.
  • Universal Accessibility: All users, regardless of their role, can benefit from the search bar.
  • Secure Access: Only see screens you are allowed to access, maintaining security.

This new feature will make it easier for you to navigate our software, helping you find what you need quickly and securely. Enjoy the improved efficiency and user-friendly experience!


User-friendly Search Bar


Bluetooth Accessories Integration

We are pleased to introduce new functionality for allocating and monitoring Bluetooth accessories within our GPS tracking software. This enhancement supports temperature/humidity monitoring, door monitoring, and relay immobilizer operations.

Key Enhancements:

Easy Setup:

  • New Option for BluetoothAccessories: You can now enable Bluetooth accessories from Settings → General → Object → BLE Accessories.

Simplified Management:

  • Assign BLE Accessories: Easily assign and manage Bluetooth devices (like sensors) on the Object Detail screen if your device supports them.

Live Tracking Improvements:

  • BLE Accessories Information: We’ve added a new tab in the Live Tracking screen that shows data from your connected bluetooth accessories.
  • How to Find It: Go to Live Tracking → Object Tooltip → BLE Accessories.
  • Details Shown: See all connected accessories, their names, IDs, distances, and when the data was last updated.


BLE Accessories



  • Better Monitoring: Track temperature, humidity, door status, and immobilizer operations with added sensors, giving you more precise information.
  • Easy Configuration: Assign and manage your sensors easily from one screen.
  • Real-Time Data: Get up-to-date information from your sensors directly in the Live Tracking screen.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Enjoy a more complete tracking experience with additional sensor data.


BLE Accessories Mobile View


These new features make it easier to monitor and manage your assets with added sensors, giving you more control and information at your fingertips.