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What is distracted driving and how telematics can prevent it?

What is distracted driving?


Technology has taken over everything for good and bad.

When it comes to automobiles, drivers are put at risk with certain technology interventions which majorly include the use of smartphones and devices alike, adjusting the radio, a GPS, etc.

These hazardous habits such as texting or having a conversation over the phone have caused serious and fatal accidents due to distraction while driving.

As per reports, approximately 1.5 million people are killed due to road accidents and almost half of the drivers have admitted to be having using the phone while they drive.

Studies have also suggested that using hands-free phones is equally riskier and dangerous.

Hands-free technology in a vehicle may not distract your hands but can certainly, interfere with your brain’s concentration while driving.

In spite of establishing strict traffic rules and hefty fines, drivers around the world still continue to use hand-held technologies.

Telematics at rescue

Now as one may ask, is technology a boon or a bane? Here , certainly, technology is considered to be a boon as it allows one to track any distraction caused while driving a vehicle.

Monitoring and altering distracted driving habits through telematics can reduce the number of fatal accidents.

While some telematics solutions will detect and analyze any risk situation or behaviour, others shut the smartphone altogether.

Telematics uses the information from the driver’s smartphone and monitors the activities such as calls, active screen time,  etc.

With this drivers can certainly, know the ways in which they are putting themselves into high risk and help them curb their distracted driving habits.


One must not fall into the hands of misfortune knowingly.

We must make use of the present technological innovation for the betterment of our mankind.