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Managing Domestic Waste

India generates 62 million tonnes of waste annually. But here’s the catch: less than 50% of that waste gets collected. However, waste mismanagement is not just a national issue, but a global one. government municipalities and private waste collection agencies are equally troubled in all countries across the world.

To know how Uffizio can streamline waste management. You’ll learn how telemetry data and analytics can add transparency and agility to waste collection & disposal processes.


What to expect from this webinar?

1. About Uffizio


    • Know who we are and what we do


2. Understanding Domestic Waste


    • What is domestic waste? Who’s generating it?


3. Panel Discussion


    • Our speakers will answer a string of questions related to improper waste management and will give insights into Uffizio’s waste management system.


4. One Minute Poll


    • We’ll end the panel discussion with a quick one-minute poll. We do this to better your webinar experience.


5. Q & A Session


    • Our speakers will draw on their work experience to answer your questions.