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Humans are yet to master the art of waste management. But with SmartWaste, we all might be just a step away from perfecting it. Grow sustainable waste management businesses with Uffizio. It's about time that you get used to exceptional transparency, real-time data, & accurate analytics.

Without visibility, your Waste Management Business is just a guessing game!

Smart Insights. Clever Analytics. Unbeatable Visibility.


SmartWaste's dashboard gives you one-click access to everything that you’ll ever need to streamline your waste management business. Monitor daily waste collection routines and get real-time insights into your crew’s work hours. You will quickly identify when your crew misses collection points along the way.

Live Tracking

Here's what our live-tracking screen can do for you: Red, Blue, & Green dustbin icons indicate missed, in-progress, & completed jobs. Review the time of collection & compare permissible halt times with actual ones. You can also follow your waste collection vehicles and playback historical collection routes.

Job Module

The Job module is an excellent tool for monitoring daily routes. Save waste collection points as addresses and get notified in case of delayed or failed collections. A job is said to be complete only when all the points are visited. See how many violations were committed along the route and penalize your crew accordingly.

Job Summary

Why stare at the live-tracking screen for hours when you can get similar analytics with our carefully crafted job summary reports. Know the current status of any selected job and get details about its zone and ward. You can also compare actual start times of that job with planned start times & see the % of jobs completed.

Area Reports

We understand that monitoring dustbin collection points is not enough. After all, the collected waste will be emptied at secondary waste collection points. So, we’ve got tools to monitor those areas as well. Smartly monitor parking yards, dumping grounds, or transfer stations and know how many vehicles are present in these areas.


Data can mean very little without the right tools to analyze it. If you are a visual learner, then you are in for a treat! We’ve got tools for you to interpret data visually. You can map bar graphs, pie charts, or linear graphs—only with SmartWaste.

Institutional Hierarchies

Waste management agencies function through a corporate hierarchy. Hence, they need a flexible structure that lets them access relevant specifics. A state is broken into zones, which further gets fragmented into wards. And we offer different scopes of visibility for managers at different hierarchical levels.


A platform that simplifies waste collection and disposal processes

Waste Collector App

Waste collectors will be able to take photos of emptied dustbins as proof of a job well done. So, admins will always know what their crew is doing.

Citizen App

Waste management is everyone’s responsibility. Increase citizen engagement and make sure their issues get resolved quickly. After all, happy citizens are the true measure of your success.

A tracker that actually works for you!

Our fleet management and GPS tracking platform is completely hardware-independent! Do you know what that means for you? You’ll never have to comprise with your choice of GPS trackers. Run your business with zero tracker compatibility issues—only with Uffizio!

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