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Temperature monitoring & routing for food delivery businesses

Temperature monitoring & routing for food delivery businesses

The trend of ordering food online is on the rise. This has made food deliveries a crucial aspect of the food industry. The highly competitive nature of the food industry is no secret! Here, Uffizio can help you optimize deliveries, to increase customer satisfaction. You will access the choicest routes, won’t make your customers wait, and deliver food while it’s still hot!

How it works

Here's why our solutions stand out from the rest


Delay in food delivery can greatly impact your business clientele. We can help you resolve this challenge by providing unparalleled visibility into daily operations.

With GPS trackers, you can track where your drivers are and estimate accurate ETAs. Share arrival times or potential delays with customers, so they stay in the loop.


Design beeline routes and make sure all your drivers and vehicles are functioning at maximum capacities.

Get notified if your drivers are over-speeding, idling, or misusing company vehicles.


With PODs, you have complete visibility—from start to finish. Track your employees’ productivity and maintain traceability throughout the delivery route.

Tools that help you excel


Uffizio provides businesses with tools and actionable data—so they no longer operate in the dark. Our solutions have been deployed by businesses of all sizes and types. For higher profits, greater scalability, and efficient operations-choose Uffizio!

Increased Fleet Visibility

Keep track of all the vehicles in use and their allocated drivers.

Complete Utility

Efficient fuel, vehicle, and workforce usage.

Video Telematics

Monitor driver behaviors using dash cams and MDVR. Design driver scorecards accordingly.

Efficient Routes

With route optimization, your drivers will access routes with lesser traffic or vehicular congestions. Hence, reducing transit times and making faster, more efficient deliveries.

89.45 %

Increase in on-time deliveries

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34.67 %

Reduction in fuel costs

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