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Tracking and Monitoring Fuel for Marine Fleet


Marine fleet management involves a range of complex tasks, including vessel maintenance, crew management, and fuel management. Fuel is one of the most significant expenses for maritime companies, and managing fuel consumption is critical to reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. Previously, the measurement of fuel levels involved the use of an outdated method that employed a counter and measuring stick, which proved inadequate in providing the necessary precision for accurate measurements.


One of the key challenges faced by marine fleet operators is the management of fuel consumption in bulk carriers. Such vessels typically incorporate three to four fuel tanks, each of which is categorized as either primary or secondary. Additionally, fuel usage by the ship’s generators and boilers has an impact on the overall fuel consumption.

Managing fuel consumption proves to be a complex task, given the continuous movement of the vessel, which results in frequent fluctuations in fuel levels. To overcome this challenge, fleet operators require a robust software solution capable of identifying even minor fluctuations in fuel levels.


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Marine fleet owners successfully implemented our highly configurable and advanced fuel monitoring system, which efficiently monitored and managed fuel levels in real-time. 

  • The software provided accurate monitoring of fuel levels with multiple sensors in a single tank for better visibility and control over fuel usage
  • With a powerful algorithm capable of differentiating between fluctuations in fuel levels, fuel transfers between tanks, and fuel thefts.
  • The software offered detailed analytics and reports of all fuel-consuming systems on board the ship, tracking every drop of fuel and providing accurate consumption data. 
  • The software provided accurate fuel consumption reports and data for every single trip, enabling fleet operators to evaluate fuel consumption at any particular speed or engine RPM. 
  • By optimizing fluctuation levels through continuous monitoring, our software has helped identify the total fuel consumption of each engine, generator, and turbine, ensuring efficient fuel usage throughout the vessel’s operations.
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Optimize fuel efficiency – By implementing our fuel management software, marine fleet managers were able to monitor fuel usage and optimize fuel efficiency, ultimately saving costs and reducing the environmental impact of the fleet.

Reduce fuel costs: By implementing our software, marine fleet owners have effectively solved fuel theft issues, reducing fuel costs by up to 30%. 

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