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Tracking and Monitoring Fuel for Marine Fleet


 Fuel is one of the most significant expenses for maritime companies, and managing fuel consumption is critical to reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. In the past, an older method of measuring fuel levels using calculators and gauges was used, which proved insufficient to provide the accuracy necessary for accurate measurements


Complex Fuel Storage and Consumption:  Marine vessels often have multiple fuel tanks and diverse fuel-consuming systems. It is challenging to accurately monitor fuel usage and detect abnormalities.

Constant Vessel Moment: The task of monitoring fuel consumption is complex due to the constant movement of the vessel, leading to frequent fluctuations in fuel levels.

Fuel Theft and Unauthorized Usage:  With valuable fuel resources on board, the risk of theft and unauthorized fuel usage is a significant concern for marine operators.

To address this challenge, fleet operators require a reliable fuel monitoring solution capable of accurately detecting even minor variations in fuel levels.


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Multiple Sensors in a Single Tank: The software provides accurate monitoring of fuel levels with multiple sensors in a single tank for better visibility and control over fuel usage.

Real-time Fuel Monitoring: The software provides real-time visibility into fuel levels, consumption, and potential fuel theft or leakage.

Reports and Charts: The software offers detailed analytics and reports on fuel consumption, fuel fill-drain, and much more. 

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Instant Alerts: Automated alerts are triggered when fuel levels are critically low. The software also detects any suspicious activities, or deviations from expected consumption patterns occur and triggers alerts.

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Optimize Fuel Efficiency – Accurate fuel monitoring enables optimized fuel consumption, reducing costs and maximizing vessel efficiency.

Reduce Fuel Costs: By implementing our software, marine fleet owners can effectively solve fuel theft issues, reducing fuel costs by up to 30%. 

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