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How to control fuel consumption?


From leaving lights and fans on to running air conditioners at temperatures that would be an abomination. We are wasting precious energy at every step. Add to the mix factors like climate change and depleting resources of non-renewable energy and we have a massive problem that if not dealt with urgently, might push our species towards the brink of extinction.

It is true that we have very little control over several factors that affect energy consumption, but there are a few very effective ways in which we can control fuel consumption.

The automobile industry has grown exponentially in the last few decades and it continues to surge ahead even today. This has created several problems like carbon emissions exceeding permissible limits, massive traffic on the roads, depletion of oxygen an increase in global temperature, etc.


First and foremost, if we can make a conscious choice between using public transport and private vehicles. We can aid in reducing the pressure on our environment. Small factors like properly shutting off the fuel tank’s cap help ensure no fuel is lost in evaporation.

Fuel Consumption

Switch off the car’s engine if the car is going to be stationary for more than a minute. Several individuals fail to follow this and the engine keeps on burning precious fuel in vain as the vehicle’s output while stationary is zero. Accelerating and braking gradually are also necessary.

Putting your car’s engine through meaningless grinding not only reduces the car’s mileage but also reduces its life expectancy. Using cruise control on highways is an excellent way to put minimum stress on the engine while it delivers its best.

Moving on from engine performance, factors like air-conditioning and aerodynamics of the vehicle are also vital. The air-conditioning needs to be used in moderation; it affects the engine performance directly. Keeping the windows closed would reduce friction (drag) generated by the air. Only use roof racks if the boot space runs out. Air filters need to be cleaned and changed regularly, the tyre pressure needs to be tested every time you get onto the highway.

More often than not, people have stuff lying around in the car. Removing even 50kgs of unwanted stuff can help better the car’s performance.

Apart from these, simple tasks like timely maintenance of the vehicle, driving at the correct speed in the correct gear, indulging in carpooling, alignment of wheel and chassis, etc will keep the car in tip-top condition. As mentioned earlier, we live in a time where our dependency on fuel is increasing. The fuel fuel consumption resources are decreasing at the same time. We ought to find the right balance and judicious use of these precious resources.