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Ticketing System – A user-friendly support service system


Today, when everybody in an IT field is in a rush to bring something new and in this rush, there will be mistakes and complaints, then the steps of complaining and bringing solutions.

But was this process so easy, like we are saying right now? No, it was not.

If you are operating an IT company, and have been a client of software people, then when you faced any software issue how did you resolve it? 

How difficult had it been and how long did it take? Maybe too long.

Do you know what was the real issue? 

Before you think about this a lot, let us tell you we have been operating the new ticketing system to assist you, so the issues do not exist for our clients. 

In many critical times, you will call a support person, and they may be busy at the time which delays the process furthermore. 

But, before recognising the new ticketing system let’s understand the older method and what difficulties are we talking about?

Problems before:

As a customer, you will always want a quick response to your problem, but it is not always possible. And so the webform system was used before.

Previously, the customer would try to contact through call or send mail the company for complaints. For the support people would ask the customer to fill a web form. 

The form filling is a time-consuming job. Even after sending the form you will not know the exact status of the complaint every time. 

But it’s not always the mistake of the company as handling a form is difficult and theirs no report is generated which makes it difficult for the support to know your previous problems.

In many critical times, you will call a support person, and he may be busy at the time then what for a long time waiting. 

New Ticketing system


Our customers are aware that Uffizio has been using the ticketing system for a long time. Don’t worry if you are unaware we are here to tell you.

Ticketing System is a support system which helps to establish the communication with the customer easier. As a customer will be able to connect the support person easily. At the same time support team can obtain the record of your current problem along with data of your previous. 

It doesn’t only assist the customer, but in addition, executes the work of support team. Makes it easier and the problem-solving process turns out to be more efficient. 

You can generate an automatic ticket using email or visit the site or Application to generate the ticket. 

The ticketing system will take your email request on and automatically generate a ticket for your issues. 

The customer generates a ticket for his complaints, and the support system receives the ticket along with other details of the client. 

That single ticket allows the support team to deliver solutions in the systematic workflow. 

Further, the customer will know which support person is handling your wor. As soon as the work is done, you will get to know and then you can close the ticket. 

If the person handling your complaints is busy the ticket is sent to the other person in the support team. To those whoever having a free slot. The ticket will not only have your complaints but will also tell you the due date by which your problem will be resolved.

The ticketing system is not exclusively present for complaints. But you can generate a ticket if you want to create an API or white labelling or require some new features.


Hope you have understood about our ticketing system. So from now on whenever you have a problem or want something new don’t think much. Just generate the ticket and your problems will be resolved for sure.