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How can I track and monitor my employees working on field?


An efficient employee can help any business to be productive. Every company needs to understand how their employees are working. But when employees are working on the field or traveling, it becomes difficult to track their performance and there comes the need for an employee tracking solution.

You can achieve a lot by just analyzing employees’ work. Your employees are the ones who help you achieve business growth. 

Wondering how to reduce workload and increase productivity with employee tracking software.

Let’s take a few examples to understand the importance of monitoring each employee’s work:

  • Jack has been wasting 2 hrs from 8hrs of his work time. You have been paying him according to the total working hours. Now other employees also have started wasting their time seeing Jack. This leads to your loss as they are paid for the total work time. By monitoring their performance you will know the exact working hours and you will also be able to take steps as required on time.
  • Amy is assigned three tasks. She chooses to do the work which has a lesser priority. When you have the exact details of the task, she is work on it the real-time. You can stop her and inform her regarding the priority. Thus, you will be able to reduce human error.

Analyzing the performance of the employee in the office and on-field are two different tasks. Here we will focus on how can you efficiently monitor the employees on the field.


TaskEye is a field employee monitoring system that takes care of employees’ performance, tasks, and security. It has a platform that helps the manager and the employee at the same time.

Here we will see different real-time reports that help to analyze the employee’s performance.

Tracking Employee – Online Attendance

Employees at different task locations cannot always come to the office to mark their attendance. That’s when TaskEye field employee tracking app comes to the rescue as it smartly enables you to mark attendance in the app from anywhere. We collect these attendances to generate daily reports. You can view reports for daily, weekly, monthly, and custom ranges here. Consequently, you will obtain details about each employee’s absence, presence, leave, holiday, and week off.

Employee Performance

The performance report is an informative report which gives an overview of each efficiency of completing the task. Here you will get details of tasks completed on time, completed with delay, missed tasks, number of allocated tasks, and also average delay duration. You will get real-time updates of every task thus you will be able to monitor the employee’s performance easily.

Employee Status

The employee status provides details of the employee along with his work status. You will get information about his date of birth, employee work type, HES ID, HES expiry date, and also status with date and time. The status informs you if the employee is on-field, off-field, or inactive.

Work Hour

The work hour, as its name suggests helps to know the working hour of each employee. Moreover, get employees estimated work hours, actual work hours, duration difference, number of times early on duty, number of times early off duty, and also number of times late off duty. These details give you a clear view of the working hour which makes field employee tracking and monitoring easy.

Employee Task History

This report helps to view the task history of each employee. It efficiently reports the total tasks given to an employee, the number of completed tasks, and also missed tasks. Thus, not only the daily updates but you will also have control over the previous tasks of employees.


The analysis of the resource is important for any industry and also the same is for the employee. Be connected to us to get more information on TaskEye and other upcoming technologies and features.