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You shouldn’t have to compromise with your child’s safety! We, at Uffizio, identify with your concerns; hence, have come up with reliable school bus tracking & management software that provides real-time visibility of students during transit.SmartBus generates trips, lets you see how long the bus spends at each stop, notifies delays, records attendance, and more. Sit back and relax, let SmartBus do the work for you!

Why is SmartBus the smart choice?

Unparalleled visibility. Timely Alerts. Accurate ETAs.


SmartBus offers advanced tools for tracking and maintaining student attendance. Account for students’ presence using QR codes, RFID, or biometrics. Additionally, parents can access their child’s attendance records and reports in case of discrepancies.

Student Data Management

With SmartBus, you can store and student details and update them when needed. Information like student pickup stops, their class/division, parent’s contact numbers, and more can be maintained using our app. SmartBus helps you maintain student records—keeping you up-to-date, always!

Better Drivers

Video telematics and SmartBus’ analytics tools join forces to make sure good diving behavior is exercised. Get reports regarding fuel usage, bus mileage, idling, route deviations, unnecessary halting, over-speeding, and more! Hold your drivers accountable for reckless driving with SmartBus!

Bus Stop Allocation

SmartBus lets the school management define bus stops along the route. Parents can view these stops and select a bus stop that is closest to their residence. These selections will be reflected in the school management as well as the driver interface. View, choose, or edit bus stops on the go with SmartBus—the most versatile bus tracking and management solution available!

Video Telematics

See how smart video technologies, like DVR and MDVR integration, can improve your child’s safety. Understand the complete state of affairs by accessing driver-facing and road-facing footage. See how road conditions affect driving behaviors and use these video clips to coach your drivers.

Route Planning

To simplify dispatch and routing, we help drivers and bus managers create trips in advance so that drivers can familiarize themselves with the route. We consider factors like student drop and pickup points, student absence, detours, diversions, and more—to help you plan shorter, more efficient routes.

Supported GPS Tracker

Our fleet management and GPS tracking platform is completely hardware-independent! Do you know what that means for you? You’ll never have to comprise with your choice of GPS trackers. Run your business with zero tracker compatibility issues—only with Uffizio!

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