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Advanced School Bus
Management Platform

Product Description

Our school bus management software is designed to be user-friendly and cost-effective, making it an excellent choice for managing school bus operations. Additionally, it can help parents, trip managers, and drivers with school bus tracking.


Moreover, it facilitates the efficient management of pickup and drop trips, providing essential features such as driver monitoring, fuel monitoring, tire management, and more.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to your bus tracking needs, our software is the perfect answer.


Our Advanced School Bus Management Software offers real-time visibility of students during transit. Additionally, with our platform, you can easily generate trips, monitor the bus’s schedule at each stop, receive delay notifications, record attendance, and more.


Furthermore, our easy-to-use school bus tracking platform allows you to sit back and relax while the system does the work for you!

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Why Choose Our School Bus Tracking Platform?

School bus transportation is a complex process Involving three separate entities
Parent, Driver, Manager and we’ve got separate applications for each!

Parent App

  • Live status updates
  • Live video footage
  • Apply leave directly from app
  • Change pickup/ drop points
  • Access trip history

Driver App

  • Get information of allocated trips
  • Point by point navigation
  • Mark student attendance
  • Call to parents as well as school
  • SOS button for emergency

Manager App

  • Easy routing and planning
  • Comparative analysis
  • Driver surveillance
  • Complete visibility
  • Efficient Management

School Bus Management Software Key Features

Provide school buses with advanced tools to reduce workload and increase productivity.

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School Bus Management Platform That Grows With You

Begin with starter version and upgrade as you grow, or hit the ground running with one our enterprise edition

Per student / month
Up to 2,000 students.
Per student / month
2,001 to 5,000 students.
Per student / month
More than 5,000 students.
Per student / year
Up to 2,000 students.
Per student / year
2,001 to 5,000 students.
Per student / year
More than 5,000 students.


Questions to ask before you invest

What is SmartBus?

SmartBus is our school bus monitoring software solution. Additionally, it is an application suite consisting of the SmartBus Manager app, the SmartBus Parent app, the SmartBus driver app, and the SmartBus attendant app.

Can the parents track the school bus in real-time?

Surely! Parents get to know the accurate expected time of arrival and real-time updates. As well as live in-fleet video footage. They also get notified when the bus is near. No more waiting!

How is SmartBus useful for managers?

Certainly, managers can use the manager app to improve route planning, scheduling, and resource utilization. Additionally, they can keep an eye on key performance indicators to ensure efficient operations.

How can SmartBus help the drivers?

Besides maintaining compliant driving, SmartBus also helps drivers complete their daily trips on time and stay on target. Additionally, drivers get alerts and precise route guidance. Drivers have access to driving assistance tools. 

Can I see what’s happening inside the school bus using SmartBus?

Oh Surely! SmartBus can be integrated with video telematics tools like dual-lens dash cams. Furthermore, live video footage can be accessed by parents and school admins. Moreover, this form of video monitoring supplements the ordinary GPS telematics data, giving schools a more comprehensive view of their students and bus drivers. 

How is SmartBus going to help parents?

The SmartBus parent app keeps all parents updated with their kid’s school bus locations. Moreover, using the remote-tracking feature, parents can access their child’s school bus arrival and departure times. Additionally, they can customize school bus arrival alerts, ensuring they only get notified about an upcoming school bus when it is just a few minutes away. Consequently, this means no more waiting at the bus stop for hours!

How can SmartBus help management save money?

SmartBus assists school administration with vehicle maintenance. Furthermore, SmartBus will help in determining vehicle mileage, fuel usage, route optimization, and reducing idle time, among other things. Consequently, all of these data and reports can help school administration improve vehicle performance and lower maintenance costs.

Is school rebranding available with SmartBus?

Surely, rebranding is available. Furthermore, all our solutions can be white labeled and easily customized. Additionally, you can easily rebrand our application for your school. 

How does SmartBus help management decide and optimize routes?

Certainly, with thousands of students to manage, how do you decide which students board which bus? But with SmartuBus, you just have to upload an XLS sheet with student, bus & driver details. And that’s all! Our advanced route optimization module goes through millions of hypothetical routes. It considers traffic, detours, bus stops, and also driver & bus availability before mapping out the choicest route!

How can you monitor school bus drivers using SmartBus?

SmartBus significantly offers a variety of tools and reports to better understand driving behaviors. You can straightaway install driver-facing dash cams to see what your drivers are doing. Moreover, you can also set customized driving alerts for harsh acceleration, braking, and excessive speeding. All these alerts subsequently gets reflected on driver scorecards. Review all driver-related reports to identify high-risk drivers.