Personal Vehicle Tracking Software

Trakzee Mini is specially designed to monitor your personal assets. Track anything you want: your car, pets, motorcycle, or bicycle! With Trakzee Mini, you'll always know your asset's location.

Why Choose TrakzeeMini?

Accurate Insights. Real-time Alerts.


TrakzeeMini’s dashboard is designed to give you a complete overview of your assets. You can track multiple personal assets from a single screen! View your assets’ current status and their location in real-time. Customize your dashboard with tools and widgets that you use often. Never spend another second browsing for the tools you need!

Route Playback

The route playback feature lets you review the route traveled by your assets for a selected date and time. You can customize the playback speed of your assets and view all the stops or path deviations.

Route Timeline

The Route Timeline lets you see all the traveled routes and visited destinations. It also displays asset status, idling times, and the number of halts. With Route Timeline, you can familiarize yourself with your assets’ travel history!


You can customize modules of our software based on your needs. Keep frequently used functionalities and discard functions that don’t seem applicable. This way, you’ll be able to access all the necessary information without feeling overwhelmed!

Asset overview

Store and manage asset information using the Asset overview feature. Upload asset images, PUC, RC papers, car registration certificate, insurance papers, license, and more. Everything under one roof, so you don’t waste a second!


Safety and security are always a priority. Enhance your assets’ safety by making use of TrakzeeMini’s smart features like vehicle immobilizer, video telematics, and vehicle health monitoring. Get real-time alerts when unauthorized activity takes place.


Streamline your assets’ maintenance activities with TrakzeeMini’s maintenance reminder system. Access maintenance reports (or charts) and have a better understanding of your asset’s requirements. Cut costs and prevent damages by keeping up with the asset maintenance schedule.


Geofence hazardous or “stay-away” zones and always get alerted when your asset crosses a geofence area. Using the geofence feature, you can view all geofences created on the map and edit them.


This feature alerts the user if a parked or remotely stored asset is safe or not. TrakzeeMini sends notifications via email or SMS and ensures the safety of distant and remote assets.


A wide range of functionalities to simplify asset management

Live-Tracking Screen

24/7 asset monitoring

Maintenance Reminders

Stay on top of maintenance dates

Driving Behaviours

Exercise safe and economical driving patterns

Parking Violation Alerts

Get notified when you have parked in prohibited zones

Route replay

Review your trips

Theft Alerts

Instant notifications in the event of a break-in

TrakzeeMini App

Continue tracking your personal vehicle from your smartphone. Download TrakzeeMini, for free, on Android and iOS platforms. Enjoy all major features of the TrakzeeMini Web application on the mobile app.

Protecting your personal assets

Trakzee Mini works with a tracker of your choice. Choose from an array of 1200+ trackers and make sure your personal assets are safe at all times.

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