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Xirgo Global XG3700 LIGHT SDK

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global
Xirgo Global XG3700 LIGHT SDK

Discover the innovative features of Xirgo Global XG3700 LIGHT SDK, a revolutionary telematics solution that empowers fleet managers with unparalleled customization capabilities. Seamlessly integrating Software Development Kit (SDK), this device offers unique scenarios and algorithms tailored to meet the specific needs of your fleet.

MQTT-Based Data Transfer Protocol: Efficient and Reliable Data Transmission

Facilitate efficient and reliable data transmission with the MQTT-based protocol. This technology ensures seamless communication, allowing real-time data transfer between the XG3700 LIGHT SDK and your fleet management system.

LTE/2G/3G Optional: Versatile Network Connectivity

Enjoy versatile network connectivity options with optional LTE, 2G, and 3G support. This flexibility ensures continuous and reliable communication, enabling your fleet to operate seamlessly across various network environments.

Driver Identification: Enhance Security and Accountability

Enhance security and accountability with the Driver Identification feature. Implement a robust system that accurately identifies drivers, providing insights into individual performance and ensuring secure access control.

Geofencing: Define Virtual Boundaries for Fleet Movement

Define virtual boundaries with Geofencing to monitor and control fleet movement effectively. Receive instant alerts when vehicles enter or exit predefined areas, enhancing your ability to manage and secure fleet operations.

Fuel Level Sensors: Optimize Fuel Management

Optimize fuel management with Fuel Level Sensors. Monitor fuel levels in real time, identify inefficiencies, and make informed decisions to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce operational costs across your fleet.

Temperature/Humidity Sensors: Safeguard Sensitive Cargo

Ensure the safety of sensitive cargo with Temperature/Humidity Sensors. Monitor environmental conditions in real time, receive alerts for deviations, and maintain the integrity of goods that require specific temperature and humidity levels.

Overspeeding Control: Promote Safe Driving Practices

Promote safe driving practices with Overspeeding Control. Set and monitor speed limits, receive alerts for violations, and enhance driver safety by discouraging unsafe driving behaviors.

Track & Trace: Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

Enable real-time fleet monitoring with Track & Trace functionality. Stay informed about the location and movement of your vehicles, allowing for precise tracking and enhancing overall fleet visibility.

Fuel Flow Meters: Accurate Fuel Consumption Measurement

Ensure accurate fuel consumption measurement with Fuel Flow Meters. This feature provides detailed insights into fuel usage, allowing for better management of fuel-related expenses and improved cost-effectiveness.

Remote Output Control: Flexible Fleet Management

Achieve flexible fleet management with Remote Output Control. Remotely control specific functionalities, enhancing your ability to respond promptly to varying fleet requirements and optimize overall operations.

Xirgo Global XG3700 LIGHT SDK redefines fleet management by offering a customizable, feature-rich solution. Tailor your fleet operations with unique scenarios and algorithms, and leverage advanced features to enhance security, efficiency, and overall performance across your fleet.