Xirgo Global FMS500 LIGHT

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global

Unleash the full potential of your fleet management with the feature-packed Xirgo Global FMS500 LIGHT. Designed to meet diverse needs, this solution integrates advanced technologies to optimize operations, ensure security, and provide unparalleled control.

LTE/3G/2G Connectivity: Stay Connected Anywhere

Enjoy seamless connectivity with Xirgo Global FMS500 LIGHT, offering LTE, 3G, and optional 2G support. This ensures your fleet stays connected across diverse network environments, providing real-time data for efficient monitoring.

Driver Identification: Personalized Fleet Management

Bring personalization to your fleet management with Driver Identification. This feature allows for individual driver profiles, aiding in accountability, performance tracking, and personalized training programs.

Geofencing: Define Boundaries, Ensure Compliance

Set virtual perimeters and enhance control with Geofencing. Receive instant notifications when vehicles enter or exit predefined areas, enabling you to monitor compliance, improve efficiency, and respond promptly to any deviations.

Fuel Level Sensors: Real-Time Fuel Management

Gain precise insights into fuel levels with Fuel Level Sensors. Monitor fuel consumption in real time, optimize routes, and identify potential inefficiencies, contributing to cost savings and improved overall fuel management.

Temperature/Humidity Sensors: Protect Perishable Cargo

Safeguard perishable cargo with Temperature/Humidity Sensors. Ensure optimal conditions during transportation, receive alerts for deviations, and maintain the quality of goods, especially in industries requiring strict temperature control.

Overspeeding Control: Promote Safer Driving Habits

Prioritize safety on the road with Overspeeding Control. Receive alerts when vehicles exceed predetermined speed limits, promoting responsible driving practices and reducing the risk of accidents.

Track & Trace: Real-Time Visibility for Informed Decisions

Elevate your operational efficiency with Track & Trace. Access real-time location data, optimize routes, and make informed decisions for a streamlined as well as responsive fleet management experience.

Ecodriving: Optimize Fuel Efficiency

Contribute to environmental sustainability and cost savings with Ecodriving. Monitor and analyze driving behavior, also promote fuel-efficient practices, and reduce carbon footprint for a greener and more efficient fleet.

Fuel Flow Meters: Precise Fuel Consumption Measurement

Refine fuel management with Fuel Flow Meters. Accurately measure fuel consumption, identify trends, and also implement strategies to optimize fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Remote Output Control: On-Demand Fleet Management

Enjoy flexible control with Remote Output Control. Activate specific functionalities or manage vehicle systems remotely, ensuring on-demand responsiveness for enhanced fleet management.

Experience a new era of fleet management with Xirgo Global FMS500 LIGHT. From personalized driver tracking to real-time monitoring and environmental control, this solution redefines fleet efficiency and responsiveness.