Ruptela fuel level sensor

Manufacturer: Ruptela
Fuel level sensor

Ruptela has developed and manufactured a comprehensive Ruptela fuel level sensor designed for universal fuel management. This sensor excels in monitoring fuel levels, controlling fuel consumption, and preventing fuel theft. It comes in standard and advanced versions, and the same sensor probe is compatible with different heads, namely ECO and PRO.

Advanced Electronics:

  • Featuring state-of-the-art electronics, the Ruptela fuel level sensor boasts:
  • Digital measurement capabilities for enhanced accuracy.
  • Remarkable measurement precision of 99%.
  • Remote configuration and update functionalities.
  • Analog options include Voltage and Frequency.
  • Interfaces such as RS232 and RS485.
  • Inclinometer and a temperature sensor for added versatility.

Solid Construction of Ruptela fuel level sensor:

  • The sensor is built with durability in mind, showcasing:
  • IP68 certification, ensuring protection against dust and water.
  • A robust aluminum housing for enhanced structural integrity.
  • A probe length ranging from 300 to 750 mm to accommodate various fuel tanks.
  • Extra-protected cables and connections for long lasting reliability.
  • Galvanic isolation to prevent corrosion and ensure optimal performance.

Easy Installation:

  • Simplicity in installation is a key feature, offering:
  • Dry and wet calibration options for user benefits.
  • A generous cable length of 7 meters, provides flexibility during installation.


The fuel level sensor is smoothly compatible with a range of Ruptela products, including:

  • HCV5, LCV5, and Pro5 series.
  • HCV5, LCV5, and Pro5 Lite series.
  • Pro4 and Eco4 models.
  • Trace5, ensuring broad acceptance across various Ruptela devices.

Ruptela has innovatively crafted a sensor, designed for comprehensive fuel management, encompassing tasks such as fuel level monitoring, consumption control, and anti theft measures. This sensor, offered in both standard and advanced iterations, showcases adaptability with various heads—ECO and PRO—making it a versatile choice for users.

The universal acceptance of the sensor probe across different heads enhances its practicality and usability. Whether opting for the standard version or the advanced variant, sensor provides a tailored solution for users seeking efficient and secure fuel management in diverse scenarios, addressing concerns related to monitoring accuracy, consumption efficiency, and theft prevention.