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Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5

Manufacturer: Omnicomm
Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5

Omnicomm, a pioneer in fuel monitoring technology, introduces the OMNICOMM LLS-Ex 5 digital fuel level sensor. Specifically designed for measuring fuel levels in vehicles and stationary fuel storage facilities, where adherence to equipment explosion protection requirements is crucial, the LLS-Ex 5 sets a new standard in accuracy and safety.

Unprecedented Accuracy with Fuelscan® Technology

The LLS-Ex 5 utilizes OMNICOMM’s auto-adjusting Fuelscan® technology, ensuring an unprecedented level of accuracy at 99.5% in all conditions. This innovative technology addresses the challenges posed by various factors that can impact fuel characteristics. Such as oil manufacturing methods, fuel additives, seasonal variations, and fueling sources. The sensor’s capacity to measure dielectric permittivity, combined with Fuelscan® technology, minimizes errors in fuel-level calculations, setting it apart from traditional capacitive fuel-level sensors.

Enhanced Precision with Additional Probe Measurement

Unlike conventional sensors, the LLS-Ex 5 employs an additional probe to compare filled fuel characteristics with the fuel used for calibration. This approach allows the sensor to calculate measurements accurately. This overcomes the limitations of up to 30% errors in traditional capacitive sensors. The result is a sensor that is twice as accurate, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and re-calibration.

Industry-Standard Setting Technology

The LLS-Ex 5 establishes a new industry standard by compensating for errors in initial calibration, a common challenge affecting 20% of installed sensors. Fleet owners benefit from precise fuel accounting, while installation partners gain customer loyalty by delivering on promises of accuracy.

Explosion Protection for Hazardous Areas

In addition to its exceptional accuracy, the LLS-Ex 5 features enhanced explosion protection, making it suitable for use in potentially hazardous areas. This makes it a reliable choice for both mobile and stationary fuel tanks and storage facilities with heights up to 6 meters.

Power Protection Unit BIS-MX

To ensure the safety and functionality of intrinsically safe circuits in high-voltage environments, the LLS-Ex 5 is complemented by the Power Protection Unit BIS-MX. This device safeguards intrinsically safe circuits from high voltages while providing power to fuel level sensors, ensuring a secure and efficient operation.


Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 combines precision, safety, and cutting-edge technology to redefine fuel level measurement in hazardous environments. With its unmatched accuracy, innovative Fuelscan® technology, and enhanced explosion protection. The LLS-Ex 5 is the ideal choice for fleet owners and installation partners seeking reliable and accurate fuel monitoring solutions. Upgrade to the LLS-Ex 5 for unparalleled performance and peace of mind in fuel level measurement.