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Omnicomm LLS-AF4

Manufacturer: Omnicomm

Omnicomm LLS-AF 4 analog fuel level sensor, designed to precisely measure fuel levels in vehicle tanks. In response to the evolving needs of the industry, we’ve undertaken a hardware redesign, ensuring even greater stability and efficiency for this advanced sensor.

Compatibility with Cost-effective GPS Trackers

The LLS-AF 4 is crafted to cater to a broader audience, especially those employing cost-effective GPS trackers that do not yet support the connection of the LLS 4 digital sensor through RS232/RS485 interfaces. This strategic design ensures accessibility and compatibility, allowing a wider range of users to benefit from the advanced features of the LLS-AF 4.

Advanced Outputs and Galvanic Insulation

Equipped with analog and frequency-modulated outputs, the LLS-AF 4 boasts galvanic insulation, providing robust protection. This feature ensures reliable performance, enhancing the sensor’s durability and efficiency. The galvanic insulation safeguards against potential electrical issues, making it a dependable choice for various applications.

Independent Operation and Voltage Flexibility

The LLS-AF 4 stands out by offering independent operation across the entire power supply voltage range. This versatility ensures seamless integration into diverse systems, providing users with flexibility in their applications. The sensor’s adaptability to different power supply conditions also enhances its usability across various settings.

Specialized Features for Challenging Environments

Recognizing the diverse conditions in which the LLS-AF 4 may operate, it comes equipped with a ‘Tough Road Conditions’ mode. This feature is specifically designed to tackle challenging terrains, ensuring accurate and consistent fuel level measurements even in demanding environments. Whether navigating rough roads or adverse weather conditions, the LLS-AF 4 delivers reliable results.

Enhanced Ingress Protection

With an improved Ingress Protection rating of IP-69K, the LLS-AF 4 ensures heightened protection against water and dust. This upgraded rating underscores the sensor’s resilience in harsh environments, while making it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.


Omnicomm LLS-AF 4 sets a new standard in fuel level monitoring, combining advanced features with enhanced stability. Its compatibility, versatility, and robust design make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking accurate and reliable fuel measurements for their vehicles. Upgrade to the Omnicomm LLS-AF 4 for a seamless and efficient fuel monitoring experience.