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Mileta Fantom (BLE)

Manufacturer: Mielta Technology

Mielta Fantom stands out by seamlessly integrating satellite monitoring trends, ensuring unwavering reliability and stability even in challenging operating conditions. Whether navigating uneven topography or dealing with unstable communications, this advanced fuel monitoring system excels in maintaining operational integrity.

Innovative Self-Diagnostics

Equipped with a groundbreaking self-diagnostic system, Mielta Fantom goes beyond traditional monitoring. Its unique integrated meter, fueled by real-time data, provides insights into operational deviations. From incorrect calibration to changes in fuel properties or water discharge, the system keeps you informed and in control.

Vehicle Inclination Validation

Mielta Fantom takes precision to the next level with its built-in accelerometer. This feature detects the inclination level of the vehicle, offering an additional layer of validation for fuel level data. This ensures accuracy even in dynamic and changing operational environments.

Adaptive Energy Saving

Efficiency meets sustainability with Mielta Fantom’s adaptive energy-saving system. When stored or transported horizontally, the device intelligently conserves energy consumption. This not only enhances the system’s eco-friendliness but also ensures optimal functionality when needed.

Communication Stability at Its Core

The system’s high-efficiency built-in antenna is the backbone of its communication stability. Mielta Fantom also thrives in maintaining a robust connection, crucial for real-time data exchange and remote monitoring.

Versatile Compatibility

Mielta Fantom is designed to adapt to various fuels, while offering compatibility that suits diverse operational needs. This versatility ensures that the system seamlessly integrates into different fuel environments.

Comprehensive Features for Assurance

Mielta Fantom comes with a suite of features that guarantee operational assurance:

  • Self-Diagnostic System: Continuous monitoring and instant feedback on deviations.
  • Built-in Shielding Sensor: Enhanced protection against external interference.
  • Continuous Data Recording: A black box feature for comprehensive data history.
  • Explosion-Proof Certification: Meeting safety standards for volatile environments.
  • 3-Year Guarantee: A testament to the system’s durability and longevity.

In conclusion, Mielta Fantom is not just a fuel monitoring system; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the demands of modern operations, ensuring reliability, precision, and efficiency. Invest in Mielta Fantom for a fuel monitoring experience that goes beyond expectations.