Meitrack MD811H

Manufacturer: Mictrack

Meitrack MD811H, an 8-channel HD mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) designed to set new benchmarks in vehicle surveillance. Boasting double systems with high stability, this MDVR is at the forefront of the latest wireless vehicle video surveillance solutions. Equipped with advanced technologies, including H.264 video compression/decompression, GPS positioning, and wireless data transmission, the MD811H is a core product tailored for diverse vehicle types.

Powerful Processor and Dual Communication Channels

Driven by a high-performance processor and Linux operating system, the MD811H operates seamlessly with double communication channels. This ensures not only stability but also efficient performance. It stands as a testament to the next generation of MDVRs, offering a comprehensive solution for mobile video surveillance.

Versatile Functions for Enhanced Surveillance

DVR Functions

  1. 8-Channel 1080P Live Video Recording: Capture high-quality live videos simultaneously from eight channels.
  2. Automatic Video Overlaying: Seamlessly overlay essential information on recorded videos.
  3. Video Search and Playback: Effortlessly search and play videos via the platform or dedicated software.
  4. SOS Alert Recording: Record critical events triggered by SOS alerts.
  5. Image Quality Settings: Customize image quality based on specific requirements.

Position Tracking

  1. GPS + LBS Positioning: Ensure accurate location tracking.
  2. Real-Time Location Query: Access real-time location information with ease.
  3. Speeding Alert: Receive alerts for excessive speeding.
  4. Cornering Report: Monitor and report on cornering incidents.
  5. Braking Alert and Turning Left/Right Alert: Enhance safety with alerts for braking and turning.


  1. SOS Alert: Immediate response to critical situations.
  2. GPS Antenna Cut-Off Alert: Notifications for GPS antenna tampering.
  3. External Power Supply Cut-Off Alert: Monitor external power supply changes.
  4. GPS Blind Spot Alert: Be aware of areas with no GPS coverage.
  5. Engine or Vehicle Door Status Alert: Keep track of engine or door status.
  6. Geo-Fence: Set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts for boundary crossings.
  7. Video Signal Lost Alert: Receive notifications for video signal interruptions.

Other Functions

  1. Support a CAN Bus Interface: Seamless integration with CAN bus systems.
  2. Support Speedometer RPM: Monitor speedometer RPM for enhanced vehicle data.
  3. Support an RFID Reader: Integrate RFID technology for enhanced security.
  4. Support Multiple Types of Fuel Level Sensors: Monitor fuel levels with versatility.
  5. Support LED Display: Utilize LED display for enhanced visual information.
  6. Support Two-Way Calling: Facilitate communication with two-way calling support.
  7. Upload Data Via 4G, WiFi, or Ethernet: Flexible data upload options for connectivity.
  8. Configure MDVR via LAN Web Page: Easy configuration through the local area network web page.
  9. Play Videos Using MT Player Software: Effortless video playback for analysis.
  10. Support 2.4 GHz WiFi Hotspot Function: Enhanced connectivity with WiFi hotspot functionality.
  11. Double System Working in Parallel: Dual system operation for increased reliability.

Conclusion: Future-Ready Surveillance with MD811H

In conclusion, the Meitrack MD811H is not just an MDVR; it’s a comprehensive surveillance solution tailored for the dynamic needs of modern vehicle tracking and video recording. With advanced features, versatile functions, and a robust design, the MD811H is your gateway to a new era of seamless and efficient vehicle surveillance. Upgrade to MD811H and experience the future of mobile video surveillance.

** Integration is tailored to meet specific requirements, subject to applicable terms and conditions of our software.