Meitrack MD500S

Manufacturer: Meitrack

Meitrack MD500S stands as a versatile four-channel mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) designed for exceptional stability. It goes beyond traditional video recording, integrating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Monitoring System (DMS), and GPS tracking. Powered by a high-performance processor and the Android operating system, the MD500S is at the forefront of innovative wireless vehicle video surveillance solutions, leveraging H.264 video compression, GPS positioning, and wireless data transmission technologies.

Compact Design for Unmatched Flexibility

Size and Weight

The MD500S prioritizes portability with a compact design and lightweight construction. This makes it an optimal solution for various vehicle types, including buses, long-distance coaches, taxis, logistics vehicles, special purpose vehicles (such as armored cars), and private cars.

Heat Dissipation and Durability

Encased in a robust metal outer shell, the MD500S ensures effective heat dissipation, contributing to its shockproof nature. This design choice enhances durability, ensuring reliable performance in diverse and challenging environments.

Core Functions for Comprehensive Surveillance

DVR Functions

  1. 4-Channel 720p Live Video Recording: Simultaneously record high-quality videos from four channels.
  2. Automatic Video Overlaying: Seamlessly overlay critical information on recorded videos.
  3. Search and Playback: Effortlessly search and play back videos via the MS03 platform, MS03 app, or MTPlayer software.
  4. Video Downloading: Conveniently download videos for detailed analysis.
  5. OSD Overlay: Enhance video recordings with on-screen display overlay.
  6. SOS Alert Video Recording: Record events triggered by SOS alerts.
  7. Alert Photo Capturing: Capture alert-triggered photos for additional documentation.
  8. Video Image Quality Settings: Customize image quality based on specific surveillance needs.
  9. Self-Adaptive Camera Resolution and Format: Automatically adjust camera settings for optimal performance.

ADAS Function

  1. Forward Collision
  2. Distance Detection
  3. Left Lane Departure
  4. Right Lane Departure
  5. Front Vehicle Start

DMS Function

  1. Turn Head to the Left
  2. Turn Head to the Right
  3. Raise Head
  4. Lower Head
  5. Drowsiness
  6. Yawning
  7. Calling
  8. Smoking
  9. Driver Absence

Position Tracking

  1. GNSS + LBS Positioning: Ensure accurate and real-time location tracking for enhanced security.
  2. Real-Time Location Query: Access immediate location information for quick response.
  3. Speeding Alert: Receive alerts for excessive speeding to promote safe driving.
  4. Cornering Report: Monitor and report on cornering incidents for proactive surveillance.


  1. SOS Alert: Immediate response to critical situations with instant SOS alerts.
  2. GPS Antenna Cut-Off Alert: Receive notifications for GPS antenna tampering.
  3. External Power Supply Cut-Off Alert: Monitor external power supply changes for added security.
  4. GPS Blind Spot Alert: Stay informed about areas with no GPS coverage.
  5. Engine or Vehicle Door Status Alert: Keep track of engine or door status for comprehensive monitoring.
  6. Geo-Fence: Set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts for boundary crossings.
  7. Video Signal Lost or Recovery Alert: Get notified about interruptions in the video signal.
  8. Harsh Braking Alert: Monitor driving behavior for enhanced safety.
  9. Harsh Acceleration Alert: Detect sudden accelerations for proactive intervention.
  10. I/O Port Detection: Detect changes in input/output ports.
  11. Driver Fatigue Alert: Receive alerts for potential driver fatigue.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Vehicle Surveillance with MD500S

In conclusion, the Meitrack MD500S is not just an MDVR; it’s a comprehensive solution for unparalleled vehicle surveillance. With advanced features such as ADAS, DMS, and robust DVR capabilities, this device sets a new standard in safety and security. Upgrade to MD500S today and experience a transformative solution that ensures the utmost safety for your fleet or personal vehicle.