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Meitrack K211G

Manufacturer: Meitrack
Meitrack K211G

Embrace the future of logistics security with the Meitrack K211G, a cutting-edge 3G/LoRa smart GPS lock / E-Lock designed to elevate the management of door locks in various transportation settings. This innovative device seamlessly integrates Long Range (LoRa) and GPRS communication to offer a range of advanced features for real-time monitoring and secure locking.

1. Smart Connectivity: Harnessing the Power of LoRa

The K211G is equipped with built-in LoRa capabilities, fostering seamless communication with compatible devices like the T399G. This enables the establishment of a smart logistics network, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

2. Robust Water Resistance: Withstanding Harsh Environments

Boasting an impressive IP67 water resistance rating, the K211G is engineered for durability. Its hard and rugged enclosure ensures complete shockproof capabilities, while making it resilient in the face of harsh environmental conditions.

3. RFID Technology: Secure and Convenient Access

The K211G introduces a secure and convenient access system through RFID technology. Authorized personnel can effortlessly lock or unlock the device by simply swiping an RFID card, adding an extra layer of security to the logistics management process.

4. Extended Battery Life: Uninterrupted Operation

With an internal 14000 mAh battery, the K211G guarantees an impressive 78 days of battery life. This extended battery capacity, combined with the interactive working mode facilitated by LoRa, also ensures uninterrupted operation and reduces the need for frequent recharging.

5. Advanced Security Features: Safeguarding Against Tampering

The K211G goes beyond traditional locking mechanisms by offering real-time lock status monitoring, anti-tamper alerts, as well as anti-cut alerts. These features make it a comprehensive solution for securing valuable cargo in transit.

Conclusion: Meitrack K211G – A Paradigm Shift in Logistics Security

In conclusion, the Meitrack K211G emerges as a paradigm shift in logistics security, seamlessly integrating smart GPS lock technology with advanced connectivity options. Whether it’s ensuring secure access through RFID or withstanding challenging environments with water resistance, the K211G stands at the forefront of innovation. Elevate your logistics management with the K211G – where smart technology meets uncompromised security.