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Voice Assistant to rule the telematics world soon


What is a Voice Assistant?

A voice assistant is a virtual or digital assistant that uses voice recognition, natural language processing, and speech synthesis to provide a hands-free and interactive user experience. It enables users to interact with devices, applications, and services using spoken commands or queries, rather than traditional input methods like typing or tapping.

According to you, which is an important function to address someone that we have?

The answer is Voice or sound. We call or make a sound to divert a person’s attention. Many of us would love to hear a story rather than reading. Similarly, it’s a human tendency that we prefer to hear rather than to read.

Nowadays, when we are making a place for voice assistant devices like Google Home, Alexa and more in our homes, we understand the importance of these assistants and their uses. If you don’t have these devices, then don’t worry as our smartphones also have inbuilt voice assistants or we can get voice assistants from google play or iTunes. This means directly or indirectly, we all have come across voice assistants.

In recent times as vehicles are being advanced and with this, the importance of driving assistants is also in demand. Voice assistant is an emerging technology in the case of driving assistants. 

Let’s understand its importance and the change we will see in the future.

Voice Assistants in the Fleet

As its name suggests, the voice assistant is voice recognition, natural language processing and speech synthesis with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide support users.

Normally, this assistant reacts to voice commands and delivers the required information. It can answer questions, play music or do a phone call and more. You can start the vehicle or operate AC, FM or any other devices with a voice command. Till now most cars used basic voice assistant service which had the feature of the route and reverses guidance. 

In the upcoming future, it will be among the aspects checked while buying a vehicle.  

The main advantage of the VA  is that you don’t have to use hands to give commands which enables the driver to concentrate on the road for everyone’s safety. In systems like ADAS, voice alerts will warn you when collisions will occur.

Let’s see, some helpful features of voice assistants for drivers:

Make phone calls

Many of us have used Bluetooth to connect our phones to the car system, but the assistant requires only a voice command to call anyone. We find problems when the system misunderstands our request. To overcome this error, many companies are working on solutions. So, shortly, we will use a more advanced call system in our fleet. It is more useful and popular in the fleet than in smartphones.

Route Navigation

It becomes so simple when someone informs you about the direction. Google maps guiding us to our destination has become everyday use. With voice assistants, you not only get direction as per your command but can also share the location.

Send messages

Sending quick messages like “Talk to you later” or “Will reach by 15 minutes” is possible here. Kindly note that this system is available for quick SMS and take care this act of help doesn’t become your distraction.

Future of Voice Assistant

As it’s said we eagerly wait for something better than the current situation or feasibility. Companies are investing in developing assistant systems witnessing their popularity. So, in a few more years, we will have more options for assistants with unpredictable features.

Let’s see some features that we may use shortly.

Familiar Voices

Nowadays, when we are trying to adopt advanced technology and looking forward to more, there is a requirement for voice which is being requested by users. Voice assistants in a familiar voice that we would like to hear. Example: You want to hear your friend’s voice instead of a computerized voice. Just imagine, that our mother’s voice may guide us through our destination.

Data storage

The voice commands, things we search or call records are not possible with many of the assisting systems. All our data can be obtained easily if this feature is available with privacy.

Search Behaviour

Like driving behaviour, search behavior is an important aspect. You will control the misuse of voice assistants if you know search behaviour.


The future is unpredictable so, let’s wait, watch. Your voice can do wonders and voice assistants can be the magic wand that can secure, entertain and do your task with a voice command.