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Telematics works – but only if data is managed


What is Telematics?

Telematics means machine-to-machine communication like telecommunications, fleet management, road safety & transportation, computer science, and many more IOT Solutions.

A Telematics industry that leverages some key industries which are listed below
Computer electronics
Information Technology
wireless industry
Automotive electronics

It is also helpful in-vehicle tracking whereby a GPS tracking device plugged into an OBD port. It is also one kind of vehicle monitoring GPS system that provides information about speed and braking, road safety, total distance traveled, fuel consumption, etc.

It’s most useful in the automobile industry based on information which is generated from the vehicle via wireless networks.

All this happen or telematics works when data is managed. All data is managed by a GPS tracking device or you can say GPS Tracker.

GPS tracking device passes data to software and then after shown it to the user. It difficult to manage data by devices if,
1) Object is underground
2) Object is in Deepwater
3) A poor Internet connection and so on to device do not send any kind of information.

Above all case is exist when your device is not capable. Easily data managed in deep water or underground, it also depends on the device that you plugged into the object to track vehicle movements and performance.

So, the Big Question is how to manage or overcome this limitation.

Nowadays, Our advanced technology discovers this limitation and also extend to streaming data directly from the OBD or the CAN-bus.

Suppose your internet connection is low or object is entered in black zone area.

Now what?.

In this advance, technology helps you to store data on the server when your internet connection is low.

Whenever objects come on to the area of internet then it all data push to the software and get all information.