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Lorry GPS Tracking System in Malaysia


There are many businesses that rely on lorries for shipment or to move business products. This is because it imports and exports every product or goods in the country or outside. For business expansion, shipping company goods is one of the major aspects.

70% of Malaysia’s trade in manufactured goods is carried by lorries and shipping has increased. It has major competition with other neighboring countries in the field of transportation.

As per serve reports, Malaysia is facing challenges because of poor transportation, logistic services, and costly procedures for dealing with the export and import of goods. The GPS tracker can ensure complete control of the lorries to maximize productivity and save costs.

For this as the owner of the lorry industry, you have to first find a logistic tracker system that is affordable and easy to use. We at Uffizio are here to help. LogyTrak is the best software to track the lorry. Let’s know about LogyTrak.

LogyTrak gives solutions

LogyTrak is a logistics tracking software that will not only ensure the safety of your consignments but also help you avoid transportation failures. It is the best tracking software in the market with the most up-to-date and unique logistics software solutions.

This consignment or logistic management software helps you manage your consignment delivery along with tracking, by managing activities like transportation arrangement, inventory management, order entry, tour management, etc.

The system gives the live location of the lorry and the shortest route to be taken in the trip is available for the user.

It calculates the distance traveled and time taken by the lorry. The tracking system tracks the unusual activity that happened during the trip.

We can know a lorry misses or takes unwanted stoppage during the trips with LogyTrak. This can help you know the consignments not delivered.

The dashboard of LogyTrak will help to monitor all the activities going on like GPS location, the number of deliveries done, vehicle speed and distance with all the time frame.

It generates alerts if any problem arises. It can generate a single alert on multiple recipients, so if one user is not available, the other user can be at help. The user can customize the alerts as per the requirements from the choices available.

It generates reports of the trip taken by the lorry like which route was traveled and the time is taken by it. It will help you analyze the route and opt for a better route in the future. These reports can be customized according to the user’s requirements. The reports help the user to calculate his expenses and take the necessary steps.

The user can easily know which lorry is unloaded and which is loaded to the data of the lorries with consignment can be known easily.

LogyTrak ‘s software is also available as an app for the user’s convenience. The app will do all the work that the software system does.


This solution is not only for Malaysia but also for all the countries in the world. Keep your consignments safe in the lorry with LogyTrak.